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12 Pieces Broken Key Extractor Set, Locksmith Tool Kit

8 reviews

$ 7.99

    12 Pieces Broken Key Extractor Set is a professional broken key removal tool for locksmiths. It contains 8 pieces broken key removal hooks and 4 pieces broken key removal needles. A brilliant set of key extractors, designed or the removal of broken keys in upvc door locks.

    100% high quality.
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Color: Blue
    High Quality Steel Structure ,and soft features!
    Hook length: Approx 11cm/4.3 inch
    Needle length: Approx  9cm/3.5 inch
Locks provide us with security we need not only at home but something else. But the daily use of our keys over years can cause metal fatigue and breakage.
Trying to get a broken key out of a lock can be tricky.
This is a broken key removal set that is great for your home or office and a must have for anyone. It contains 8 pieces broken key removal hooks and 4 pieces broken key removal needles. This Broken Key Extractor Kit is  an ideal choice for mechanic and locksmiths to get out broken keys.

The Whole 12 Pieces Broken Extractor Tools

8 Pieces Broken Key Removal Hooks

4 Pieces Broken Key Removal Needles


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  • Gordon R
    11 May 2023
    Reliable and durable

    I work in property management, and this kit has been a valuable addition to my maintenance toolkit. It's saved me time and money by avoiding expensive lock replacements.

  • Eamon
    15 Apr 2023
    Versatile tools

    The 12 pieces broken key extractor set is a game-changer for locksmiths and hobbyists alike. It's durable, easy to handle, and the extractors have a great grip for successful key removal.

  • Richard oap
    21 Mar 2023
    Efficient tools

    This extractor set is a lifesaver! I recently had a key break in my front door lock, and this kit made the extraction process a breeze. It's a must-have for homeowners.

  • Mr. Wayne
    09 Feb 2023
    Durable lock pick tool

    I was skeptical about using a broken key extractor, but this set has changed my mind. It's incredibly effective, and the different sizes allow you to tackle various key extraction jobs.

    19 Jan 2023
    Reliable lock pick set

    As a DIY enthusiast, I needed a reliable broken key extractor set. This kit has proven its worth multiple times. It's easy to use, and the quality of the extractors is top-notch.

  • Paul S.
    16 Dec 2022
    High-quality tools

    I can't count how many times this extractor set has saved the day! It's an essential tool for any locksmith. The variety of extractors in this kit ensures you're always prepared for any broken key situation.

  • Mustard Green
    02 Nov 2022
    nice tool

    It is a good broken key extractor set for me. Various tools can be used to deal with different kinds of lock problems.

  • Trudi G.
    13 Oct 2022
    Works great

    I like this broken key extractor set, all tools are made of good material. And they are durable and easy to use when I start to pick the broken keys in the lock.