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16 Pieces Warded and Wafer Lock Pick Set

7 reviews

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    Warded locks are still sold by all the big box hardware stores and are often seen on lockers and access panels. To pick these locks you need a special set of picks and the Warded picks tools are designed to pick both modern and older Warded Locks.
16 Pieces Warded and Wafer Lock Pick Set
Made from the same professional steel as our standard picks, this Warded set of lock picks will withstand the torsion needed to open even weathered locks. To use the picks simply try each one as a standard key and one of them will be able to bypass the internals opening the lock.
Wafer Picks are a great addition to any lock pick set. Wafer locks are often found on cabinets, tool boxes and jewelry cases. Unlike the standard pin tumbler lock a wafer lock consists of single piece wafers that must be arranged to proper heights allowing for the plug to turn. This is very different than a pin tumbler lock where the pin is in two sections requiring it to be lifted and set at the sheer line inside the lock. Due to these differences a different style of lock pick is need to pick these locks.

YOU'RE REVIEWING: 16 Pieces Warded and Wafer Lock Pick Set


  • Hannah
    11 Mar 2023
    good quality pick tool

    This 16 pieces wafer picks are portable to carry outside, so I can use them to complete my lockpicking job fast.

  • cahermorens
    20 Feb 2023
    good tool

    I like this 16 pieces warded and wafer lock pick set. All tools are useful and well-made. Good locksmiths tool.

  • Ian thompson
    01 Feb 2023
    nice wafer lock pick set

    This warded and wafer lock pick set includes different and useful picks, they are widely used in the process of picking wafer locks.

  • jack gelder
    15 Jan 2023
    good wafer picks for me

    This wafer lock pick set helps me a lot when I am learning how to pick warded and wafer locks. They are made of good materials and easy to use. 

  • Debbie
    09 Jan 2023
    good item

    This 16 pieces wafer lock pick set is a good locksmith tool, which helps me learn how to pick wafer locks quickly.

  • Chloe Duncan
    21 Dec 2022
    good wafer lock pick set

    I am happy to find this good warded and wafer lock pick set, which helps me pick my warded and wafer locks easily with these good tools.

  • Felix Williams
    13 Nov 2022
    Useful lock pick set

    These different kinds of lock pick tools can be used to pick various warded or wafer locks. All of tools are made of good material. I like this tool set.