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4 Pieces Comb Lock Pick Set, Locksmith Lockpick Tools

17 reviews

$ 9.99

    The comb pick is a lockpicking tool designed to pick pin-tumbler locks by moving all pin stacks completely above the shear line, leaving no obstructions to prevent rotation of the plug.
4 Pieces Comb Lock Pick Set, Locksmith Lockpick Tools
A comb pick is more a bypass tool than it is a pick. The whole idea of this tool is to lift the pins and lift them all the way up, out of the plug. If all pins are cramped up in the housing of the lock, there is nothing blocking the sheerline and the plug can rotate. Then just turn the Comb pick like a key.
Comb picks may either compress springs or forcibly remove poorly fastened chamber casings to allow springs and pins to be moved further.
Balanced pin stacks are used to prevent this technique. In addition, the use of screwed or riveted chamber casings prevent forced removal of the chamber casing.

YOU'RE REVIEWING: 4 Pieces Comb Lock Pick Set, Locksmith Lockpick Tools


  • Meerkat
    28 Sep 2023
    nice comb lock picks

    I've tried other comb lock pick sets, and this one stands out. The picks are well-made, and having four different sizes covers a wide range of combi locks. Quality tools for a fair price.

  • Ashleigh
    13 Sep 2023
    useful lock picks

    I'm relatively new to lock picking, and this comb lock pick set has been user-friendly. The four picks are labeled clearly, making it easy for beginners to pick up. A nice set for those learning the ropes.

  • Elle Jayce
    27 Aug 2023
    nice comb picks

    I bought this set for personal use, and it's been a game-changer. The comb picks are effective, and the four sizes offer flexibility. A great addition to my lock-picking toolkit.

  • Suzan Dima
    14 Aug 2023
    good product

    As a professional locksmith, I rely on quality tools, and this comb lock pick set delivers. The four picks are well-crafted and provide the versatility needed for various combi locks. Highly recommended for professionals.

  • Sophie
    28 Jul 2023
    good tools

    This 4-piece comb lock pick set is a must-have for anyone dealing with combi locks. The different sizes cover a range of locks, and they feel sturdy in hand. Solid purchase for locksmiths!

  • Dan
    13 Jul 2023
    good lock picks

    This comb lock pick set has become an essential part of my toolkit. The picks are versatile, allowing me to tackle various combination locks. They are reliable and effective.

  • Chris
    26 Jun 2023
    useful comb picks

    The convenience of having a comb lock pick set has made my work much more efficient. The picks are easy to use and have helped me unlock combination locks with ease. Highly recommended!

  • T D Puckett
    18 Jun 2023
    good product

    As a professional locksmith, I rely on high-quality tools, and this comb lock pick set does not disappoint. The picks are durable and provide excellent control for opening combination locks.

  • Marjorie Lovegrove
    24 May 2023
    good tool

    I've had this comb lock pick set for a while now, and it has consistently performed well. The picks are durable, and their design allows for precision and ease of use.

  • terryeff
    07 May 2023
    good comb pick set

    I've tried other lock pick sets, but this 4-piece comb set stands out. The quality and precision are exceptional, making it a reliable choice for opening combination locks.