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64 Pieces Ultimate Lock Pick Set, Best Locksmith Lockpicking Tools

41 reviews

$ 61.99

    64 Pieces Ultimate Lock Pick Set: This Ultimate Lock Pick Set contains 64 pieces different blades: picks, rakes, dimple picks, hooks, 5 interchangeable handles, various turning tools including 1 double-ended tension wrench, for from narrow to wide keyways.
    Portable Design: Due to its interchangeable design, the set is very mini in size, very easy to carry, and easy to use.
    Multi-Purpose: This Ultimate Lock Pick Set meets your different needs, the perfect lock picking solution in your pocket.
64 Pieces Ultimate Lock Pick Set, Best Locksmith Lockpicking Tools
The 64 Pieces Lock Pick Set is probably the most complete lock pick set at Well-designed and manufactured, this set is perfect in every aspect.
If you want to become the locksmith master, you will need a good lock pick set in your bag. The Ultimate 64 Pieces Lock Pick Set is a good choice for Locksmiths who always pick different kinds of locks outside. You can just put this set in your bag due to its portable design. 

Finest blades: Premium stainless steel, Unsurpassed workmanship.
High-quality unique design: Perfect lockpick set in your pocket.
Handy interchangeable handle: Better to grasp.
Nice leather wallet case, perfect protection and organization.
Features of 64 Pieces Ultimate Lock Pick Set

All Fine Blades in One Pocket

All of blades are made of premium stainless steel. Locksmiths can easily select the right blades to pick locks and solve the problem quickly.

Handy Interchangable Handle

Locksmiths can select the right blades and put them on the interchangable handle. The handle is also stable to grasp all the time.

Suit for Different Kinds of Blades

You can decide which handle to use according to the kinds of blades and form a lock picking tool to pick locks.


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  • Christine g.
    16 Feb 2024
    Versatile lock picks

    I'm a beginner at lock picking, and this set is fantastic for learning. The variety of picks allows me to practice on different types of locks, and the clear instructions included have been really helpful.

  • Joshua
    08 Feb 2024
    Efficient lock pick set

    Absolutely amazing! As a locksmith, I rely on high-quality tools, and this set delivers. It has everything I need to tackle any lock, and the durability of the picks is impressive.

  • Linda
    18 Jan 2024
    Durable lock picks

    This set exceeded my expectations. Not only does it come with a wide range of picks, but the quality surpasses anything else I've seen on the market. If you're serious about lock picking, look no further.

  • Moxy
    09 Jan 2024
    Reliable lock pick set

    The customer service from this company is outstanding. I had a question about one of the picks, and they responded promptly with helpful advice. That kind of support goes a long way.

  • hajroussi
    22 Dec 2023
    very good

    The variety of picks in this set is unbeatable. From rake picks to diamond picks, there's something for every type of lock. I've yet to come across a lock I couldn't pick with this set.

  • ronfishy
    11 Dec 2023

    I've been using this set for a few months now, and it's held up incredibly well. No bending or breaking like with cheaper sets I've tried in the past. Definitely built to last.

  • Murdock
    23 Nov 2023

    As a hobbyist, I appreciate the attention to detail in this set. The picks are finely crafted, and the case is durable enough to take on the go. A must-have for any lock picking enthusiast.

  • Ella Murray
    09 Nov 2023
    Does the Job

    I'm new to lock picking, and this set has been fantastic for learning. The instructions are clear, and the picks feel comfortable to use. Great value for the price!

  • Claire
    26 Oct 2023
    Love it

    If you're looking for a comprehensive lock pick set, look no further. This 64-piece set has it all. The picks are durable and offer excellent performance. It's like having a locksmith's toolkit at your disposal.

  • Babalwa Luthuli
    14 Oct 2023
    Just what I wanted

    I've tried other lock pick sets before, but this one blows them out of the water. The picks glide smoothly and provide excellent feedback. It's like the locks just open themselves!