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7 Pin Haoshi Tubular Lock Pick Open Tools with Decoder Key

25 reviews

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    Tubular Lock Pick: The tubular lock picks allow adjustment of picking needle pressure, giving them the versatility to pick even tubular locks with higher spring pressures.
    Comfortable rubber Handle: The 7 pin tubular pick tool has a comfortable, slip resistant rubber handle and is available in 7 pin configuration. The pick has a locking collar which is unlike many of the tubular picks available.
    Attention: When using these tools, never use force which will certainly break the center pin.

    Color : Black + Silver
    Material : Stainless steel
    Outer diameter : 9.6mm
    Inner diameter : 8mm
    Dimensions : 4.13 x 1.10  x 1.10 inch (10.5 x 2.8 x 2.8 cm)
    Weight : 3.49 oz (99 g)
7 Pin Haoshi Tubular Lock Pick Open Tool
Hardened spring steel key for positive engagement of keyway.
Adjustable friction collar to set friction to a light feel or a complete lock up. (Desirable for setting picking needles to the enclosed Decoder Key.)
Stainless steel decoder key for accurate settings .
Open quickly, can be positioned to likes key.
Selection of Tubular Lock Pick Tools According to Locks
7-, 8-, and 10-pin tubular locks have the same keyway size, but a different number of pins. Even though the keyways are all the same size, the spacing of the pins is different. This is why you’ll need different tubular lock picks to handle different locks.

The 7-pin tubular lock pick is a tube with several blades around the outside, each corresponding to a pin in the lock. When inserted into the 7-pin tubular lock, the pins cause a resistance, causing the blades to set at different levels. When fully inserted into the lock, the different levels of the blades will look exactly like the correct key - it's like a skeleton key for tubular locks.

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  • Christy
    18 May 2023
    Good quality product

    This 7-pin haoshi tubular lock pick open tools set is a game-changer. The picks fit perfectly into the locks and allow for smooth and efficient lock picking. Highly impressed!

  • George Florea
    12 May 2023
    nice tubular pick

    I was hesitant to try tubular lock picking, but these Haoshi tools have made it a simple and enjoyable process. The picks are sturdy, and the ergonomic handles offer a comfortable grip.

  • Gorce
    07 May 2023
    good tool

    I've struggled with tubular locks in the past, but this Haoshi pick has changed the game for me. The picks are well-crafted and provide excellent feedback. A must-have for locksmiths!

  • Nick Payne
    02 May 2023
    Useful product

    The 7-pin haoshi tubular lock pick open tools are simply outstanding! They have made opening tubular locks a breeze. The precision and ease of use are unmatched. Highly recommended!

  • Matthew
    21 Apr 2023
    Excellent tubular pick

    It claims that this pick can open most tubular locks within seconds. I only have 3 tubular locks but it opened all of them very quickly as if I was actually using the key. A great product.

  • Sonia maisonave
    15 Apr 2023
    Highly recommended

    After watching a YouTube tutorial and with a bit of perseverance, I managed to get a safe open that I had lost the keys for within 45 minutes. It definitely works!

  • Jamie
    05 Apr 2023
    good tubular pick

    Got to say after a little practice it works well, surprising how easy it opens locks in fact. Good addition for anyone interested in this art.

  • Mike H
    25 Mar 2023
    Did the job

    I was able to pick the bypass lock of my keysafe in about 3 seconds - having not watched any instructional videos or having any particular knowledge of the correct way to use the impressioning tool.

  • A. Wright
    18 Mar 2023
    Good product

    It is reasonably well made pick. I have got rid of 2 of my locks because of how quickly these opened them!

  • Spike
    12 Mar 2023
    Happy with this product

    As with all picks they take practice to use correctly. Note that these will (in theory) only work with locks without security pins and variable strengths of springs.