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9 Practice Lock Set Transparent Lock Picking Training Set for Beginner and Locksmith

47 reviews

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    9 Different Locks: This practice lock set have 9 different style transparent practice lock, you will improve your lock skills with more interesting practice.
    Transparent Design: Visible crystal cutaway practice lock allows you can see clearly what you are doing and how the pins work when a key is inserted. This helps you understand the mechanism works, great design for locksmith& beginner training and lock practice. 
    Durable Usage: Hefty and solidly built which works smoothly without loose parts or pins suitable for practicing, and it also can be used to get a simple lock to your doors, wardrobe and more.
A Necessary Artifact
For a beginner who wants to be a locksmith.
For someone looking for a new challenging hobby.
For someone who wants to know how the principles of a lock work.

9 Practice Transparent Lock Set for Beginner and Locksmith
The crystal lock sets are beautiful, you also can as door lock, box lock and luggage lock.
The beautiful lock set also is a creative gift for family, friends, lover.
For a beginner, you can try to open the mini lock, and then you can try the big lock.
Nice toy for kids to improve their intelligence and practical ability.
The Transparent locks are visible, which enables you to see how the pins work when the key inserting, helping you know the mechanism of the locks.
This is a must for a beginner as a locksmith, for someone looking for a new challenging hobby or even for someone who wants to understand how the principle of a lock works.










YOU'RE REVIEWING: 9 Practice Lock Set Transparent Lock Picking Training Set for Beginner and Locksmith


  • zigi stardust
    14 Sep 2023
    Reliable lock set

    I'm thoroughly impressed with the 9 practice lock set. The transparent locks are sturdy and offer a realistic experience. It's a valuable training tool that has allowed me to improve my skills and explore different lockpicking methods.

  • Mab
    11 Sep 2023
    High-quality lock set

    Must-have for enthusiasts, transparent locks are enlightening.

  • K. Huff
    04 Sep 2023
    good lock set

    The 9 practice lock set is perfect for beginners like me. The transparent locks are top-notch and have helped me progress in lockpicking quickly. It's a versatile set that offers a variety of lock types to practice on.

  • Emillo
    29 Aug 2023
    Superior craftsmanship

    The locks are well-made and challenging enough to keep us engaged, and the variety of locks included in the set allows us to practice on different types of locks. I would highly recommend this set to anyone in the security industry.

  • Bernadette
    20 Aug 2023
    Sleek and stylish design

    Valuable training aid, transparent locks simplify the process.

  • Ayman Abdelaziz
    15 Aug 2023
    nice product

    The 9 practice lock set is an essential tool for beginners and intermediate lockpickers alike. The transparent locks help me visualize what's happening inside, and it has significantly improved my technique and speed.

  • Nick
    07 Aug 2023
    easy to use

    Awesome training set, transparent locks demystify picking.

  • Monica
    02 Aug 2023
    great buy

    I couldn't be happier with the 9 practice lock set. The transparent locks are high-quality and provide a hands-on experience. It's an excellent training set that has taken my lockpicking skills to the next level.

  • Alexander Hall
    26 Jul 2023
    good product

    Perfect for beginners, transparent locks are a visual aid.

  • Ufifiddu
    18 Jul 2023

    I highly recommend the 9 practice lock set for anyone starting in lockpicking. The transparent locks make it easy to grasp the mechanics, and it's a safer way to practice before moving on to real locks. A great training set.