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9 Practice Lock Set Transparent Lock Picking Training Set for Beginner and Locksmith

65 reviews

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    9 Different Locks: This practice lock set have 9 different style transparent practice lock, you will improve your lock skills with more interesting practice.
    Transparent Design: Visible crystal cutaway practice lock allows you can see clearly what you are doing and how the pins work when a key is inserted. This helps you understand the mechanism works, great design for locksmith& beginner training and lock practice. 
    Durable Usage: Hefty and solidly built which works smoothly without loose parts or pins suitable for practicing, and it also can be used to get a simple lock to your doors, wardrobe and more.
A Necessary Artifact
For a beginner who wants to be a locksmith.
For someone looking for a new challenging hobby.
For someone who wants to know how the principles of a lock work.

9 Practice Transparent Lock Set for Beginner and Locksmith
The crystal lock sets are beautiful, you also can as door lock, box lock and luggage lock.
The beautiful lock set also is a creative gift for family, friends, lover.
For a beginner, you can try to open the mini lock, and then you can try the big lock.
Nice toy for kids to improve their intelligence and practical ability.
The Transparent locks are visible, which enables you to see how the pins work when the key inserting, helping you know the mechanism of the locks.
This is a must for a beginner as a locksmith, for someone looking for a new challenging hobby or even for someone who wants to understand how the principle of a lock works.










YOU'RE REVIEWING: 9 Practice Lock Set Transparent Lock Picking Training Set for Beginner and Locksmith


  • Josh
    15 Mar 2024
    A great and affordable starter set for beginners

    Bought a bunch of these as part of a set of presents last Christmas. No issues with build a quality or packaging and can confirm that theyre a good place to start if you don't want to commit to buying a full set just yet.

  • Rob Ert
    08 Mar 2024
    Great for beginners

    Love the toughness of these....they'll probably out-live me!!! ????

  • William Forshaw
    27 Feb 2024
    Does the Job

    I've been practicing lock picking for a while now, and this set has been a game changer. The different types of locks provided allow for a comprehensive learning experience. Highly recommend to anyone serious about learning lock picking.

  • mike mc
    17 Feb 2024

    As someone who's just starting out with lock picking, this set has been incredibly helpful. The transparent locks make it so much easier to see what I'm doing. Definitely worth the investment.

  • John Fannon
    03 Feb 2024
    Good Quality Product

    Great quality locks and picks! The variety of locks included in this set really helped me improve my lock picking skills. Very satisfied with my purchase.

  • peter
    25 Jan 2024
    good lock set

    Absolutely fantastic set for beginners! The transparent locks make it easy to understand the mechanics behind lock picking. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn this skill.

  • Andrew Verdigi
    15 Jan 2024
    good locks

    I've tried other training sets, but this one stands out. The transparency of the locks sets it apart, and the nine different locks cater to various skill levels. A fantastic tool for anyone looking to improve their lock picking skills.

  • Kevin
    07 Jan 2024
    good product

    As a locksmith in training, this set is a gem. The transparent locks make it easy to understand pin positions, and the set's variety prepares me for real-world scenarios. Highly recommended for aspiring locksmiths.

  • Philip
    24 Dec 2023
    As described

    This training set is excellent for refining picking skills. The transparent locks provide instant feedback, and the nine different locks offer a progressive learning experience. A solid choice for anyone serious about lock picking.

  • R. Butterworth
    13 Dec 2023
    useful training locks

    I purchased this set for personal practice, and it's exceeded my expectations. The transparent locks are ingenious, and the set's variety keeps the training sessions engaging. Well worth the investment.