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Broken Key Extractor Tool Set with Locksmith Tools Pack

5 reviews

$ 26.99

    This Broken Key Extractor Set is a good set for locksmiths, which enables broken keys to be removed from both car locks and door locks. It contains different kinds of tools for locksmiths to choose according to the actual situation in the process of lockpicking.
Broken Key Extractor Tool Set with Locksmith Tools Pack
This Broken Key Extractor Set is designed to extract broken keys stuck in a wide variety of residential and automotive locks. With the help of the carry bag, Locksmiths can place different kinds of tools in the bag, and they can decide which tool can be used in the proper situation. It is a really portable locksmith tools bag for Locksmith to complete the job easily.

YOU'RE REVIEWING: Broken Key Extractor Tool Set with Locksmith Tools Pack


  • CJH
    28 Jun 2024
    Handy little kit

    This key extractor set didn't solve my problem, but I chalk that up to skill, not a lack of quality from the tools. You get a wide variety of little picks and hooks in different thicknesses as well as some round, file-like rods. I watched a ton of YouTube videos on how to extract a broken key and this set fits the bill in every way based on the tools I saw in those videos. I wouldn't expect the set to work any miracles, but I think if you have a key broken off in your lock, this set should do the trick provided you have the time and energy to keep at it.

  • Rob M.
    23 Jun 2024
    Unique set of thin extractor tools extracts broken keys from locks.

    It takes patience and practice but having this little set of extractor tools was the only way I could get a broken key out of my front door lock. I'm sure a locksmith would have gotten it out quicker but I like to do things myself and I also like saving money. Having this set of tools saved me a $125 locksmith bill.

    I know these tools will come in handy for other projects too. They're not something you can just go down to your local home improvement store and buy so I'm glad I have them in my toolbox.

  • Teaching Mama
    18 Jun 2024
    Worked to get broken key out of front door lock

    My child broke their key off in our front door. We applied WD40 to the lock and let it sit overnight and the skinny straight tools combined with an angled tweezers helped me extract the broken end out of the lock. Saved the cost and hassle of having a locksmith come to my home.

  • Alex Arcano
    16 Nov 2022
    useful tools

    This broken key extractor tool set contains useful tools and they are durable and easy to use. They are good quality tools as well.

  • Dobbin
    03 Oct 2022
    good value

    I am glad to get the complete broken extractor tool set in this cheap price. All tools are made of good material. I can select the right tools to solve the lock problems well.