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HYN14 Car Strong Force Power Key, Auto Picks, Locksmith Tools for Car

4 reviews

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    HYN14 Car Strong Force Power Key is a destructive and consumables tool. Although this tool is made of special stainless steel, we cannot promise it can be used forever. It is only an emergency assistant tool for locksmith.
    Used for Car Models:
HYN14 Car Strong Force Power Key, Auto Pick
HYN14 Car Strong Force Power Key is a specialized locksmith tool designed to help locksmiths gain access to and decode the locking mechanisms of certain Hyundai vehicles. This tool is specifically designed to work with the HYN14 key profile, which is used in some Hyundai models.
The tool uses strong force power to manipulate the locking mechanism and decode the key code, allowing the locksmith to create a new key for the vehicle or gain access to the vehicle's interior. It is a highly specialized tool that requires training and expertise to use properly.
It is important to note that the use of such tools should only be done by licensed and trained professionals, as the improper use of these tools can cause damage to the vehicle's locking mechanism and potentially create safety hazards.

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  • Greg
    21 Jun 2023
    good product

    The HYN14 power key is a top-quality tool for unlocking Hyundai cars. Its strong force and reliable picking ability make it an excellent choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

  • Elizabeth Hollings
    08 May 2023
    good value

    I'm impressed with the performance of the HYN14 power key. It's a durable and efficient tool for locksmiths. The strong force it provides makes it a valuable asset in my toolkit.

  • Meowbabe
    13 Apr 2023
    useful key

    The HYN14 power key has made my work as an automotive locksmith much easier. Its strong force and precision allow me to quickly and effectively unlock Hyundai cars. A reliable tool that never disappoints.

  • Rob K
    19 Mar 2023
    good power key

    I highly recommend the HYN14 power key for anyone working on Hyundai car locks. It's a robust tool that delivers exceptional results. A must-have for professional locksmiths.