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Lishi M1/MS2 2 in 1 Pick and Decoder Tool for Master Locks padlocks M1/MS2 Keyway

16 reviews

$ 39.99

    Lishi M1/MS2 2-in-1 Pick and Decoder Tool works with Master Lock padlocks keyway. It is a stainless steel automatic unlocking tool that is designed to pick and decode M1 and MS2 Master Padlock Keyways.
    Type: 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder Tool
    Keyway: M1 / MS2
    Cross Reference: M1-BR, 1092, 1K, MS1, MAS-1, MAS1, M-1
    For: Master Padlock
    Tool Spaces: 1-4
    Pin: 4-Pin
    Anti-Glare: Yes
Lishi M1/MS2 2-in-1 Pick and Decoder Tool
Lishi M1/MS2 Pick and Decoder tool is a combination picking, tensioning, and decoding tool all in one. The graduated lines on the side of the tool make pick tip placement as easy as it gets. Once a lock is opened, the Lishi tool can be used to quickly decode the bitting values of the key that would open the lock.

Locksmiths can use the Lishi M1/MS2 Pick Tool to pick or decoder any 4-Pin Master Padlocks, which helps you accelerate the process of lockpicking.

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  • cristina
    23 Feb 2024
    Reliable lock pick tool

    As a professional locksmith, I rely on quality tools, and the Lishi M1/MS2 pick and decoder tool exceeds expectations. It's durable, precise, and makes my job much easier.

  • Petra Herzog
    14 Jan 2024

    Absolutely indispensable tool for locksmiths dealing with Master locks. The pick and decoder combo saves so much time and effort. Highly recommended!

  • Selma
    19 Dec 2023

    The Lishi M1/MS2 2 In 1 Pick And Decoder Tool is a versatile and essential tool for any locksmith working on Master Locks padlocks. It offers reliable performance, and the pick and decoder functions are simple to use.

  • Master.Tila
    13 Nov 2023
    Trusted brand

    The Lishi M1/MS2 2 In 1 Pick And Decoder Tool has become my go-to tool for Master Locks padlocks. It's reliable, efficient, and the decoding feature is spot-on. I wouldn't leave for a job without it!

    10 Oct 2023
    Popular choice

    I was skeptical at first, but the Lishi M1/MS2 Pick And Decoder Tool exceeded my expectations. Its sturdy construction and accurate decoding capabilities make it an excellent investment for any locksmith tackling Master Locks padlocks.

  • Regina
    15 Sep 2023
    Premium quality

    The Lishi M1/MS2 2 In 1 Pick And Decoder Tool is a game-changer. The pick and decoder functions work flawlessly, allowing me to decode and open Master Locks padlocks with ease. It's a time-saving tool for any locksmith.

  • Chlo
    22 Aug 2023
    nice lishi tool

    I've used several pick and decoder tools in my locksmithing career, but the Lishi M1/MS2 stands out. Its precision design and smooth operation have helped me open Master Locks quickly and efficiently. A fantastic tool!

  • Martyna
    22 Jul 2023
    good lishi tool

    The Lishi M1/MS2 pick tool is a must-have for any locksmith dealing with Master Locks. It's a reliable and versatile tool that makes picking and decoding Master Locks padlocks a breeze. Highly recommended!

  • Ken D
    06 Jun 2023
    good value

    I've been using the Lishi M1/MS2 pick tool for some time, and it has never let me down. The pick function works smoothly, and the decoder helps me determine the key bitting accurately. A top-notch tool!

  • Mibos
    21 May 2023
    useful lishi pick tool

    The Lishi M1/MS2 pick tool has simplified my work on Master Locks padlocks. Its accurate decoding and reliable picking have made me more efficient in my locksmithing tasks. I highly recommend it!