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Lishi M1/MS2 2 in 1 Pick and Decoder Tool for Master Locks padlocks M1/MS2 Keyway

10 reviews

$ 69.99

    Lishi M1/MS2 2-in-1 Pick and Decoder Tool works with Master Lock padlocks keyway. It is a stainless steel automatic unlocking tool that is designed to pick and decode M1 and MS2 Master Padlock Keyways.
    Type: 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder Tool
    Keyway: M1 / MS2
    Cross Reference: M1-BR, 1092, 1K, MS1, MAS-1, MAS1, M-1
    For: Master Padlock
    Tool Spaces: 1-4
    Pin: 4-Pin
    Anti-Glare: Yes

Lishi M1/MS2 2-in-1 Pick and Decoder Tool
Lishi M1/MS2 Pick and Decoder tool is a combination picking, tensioning, and decoding tool all in one. The graduated lines on the side of the tool make pick tip placement as easy as it gets. Once a lock is opened, the Lishi tool can be used to quickly decode the bitting values of the key that would open the lock.

Locksmiths can use the Lishi M1/MS2 Pick Tool to pick or decoder any 4-Pin Master Padlocks, which helps you accelerate the process of lockpicking.

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  • Chlo
    22 Aug 2023
    nice lishi tool

    I've used several pick and decoder tools in my locksmithing career, but the Lishi M1/MS2 stands out. Its precision design and smooth operation have helped me open Master Locks quickly and efficiently. A fantastic tool!

  • Martyna
    22 Jul 2023
    good lishi tool

    The Lishi M1/MS2 pick tool is a must-have for any locksmith dealing with Master Locks. It's a reliable and versatile tool that makes picking and decoding Master Locks padlocks a breeze. Highly recommended!

  • Ken D
    06 Jun 2023
    good value

    I've been using the Lishi M1/MS2 pick tool for some time, and it has never let me down. The pick function works smoothly, and the decoder helps me determine the key bitting accurately. A top-notch tool!

  • Mibos
    21 May 2023
    useful lishi pick tool

    The Lishi M1/MS2 pick tool has simplified my work on Master Locks padlocks. Its accurate decoding and reliable picking have made me more efficient in my locksmithing tasks. I highly recommend it!

  • Terry S.
    17 Apr 2023
    nice lishi tool

    The Lishi M1/MS2 pick tool has been a game-changer for me. Its versatility and ease of use make it suitable for both beginners and experienced locksmiths. It's worth every penny!

  • John
    09 Mar 2023
    useful lishi pick tool

    I'm impressed with the quality and effectiveness of the Lishi M1/MS2 pick tool. It has become an indispensable part of my toolkit, allowing me to open Master Locks padlocks effortlessly. A reliable tool that gets the job done!

  • Florina
    17 Feb 2023
    very good lishi pick

    As a professional locksmith, the Lishi lock pick tool has become an indispensable part of my toolkit. It's reliable, versatile, and saves me a lot of time on the job.

  • Kathleen Hargreaves
    09 Jan 2023
    value for money

    I've tried various lock pick tools, but the Lishi lock pick tool stands out. It's durable, easy to use, and provides excellent results. Very happy with my purchase.

  • Ana Mandic
    14 Dec 2022
    nice lishi auto tool

    The Lishi M1/MS2 Lock Pick Tool is a game-changer! It has helped me open car locks quickly and effortlessly. Highly recommended.

  • Kajal kailay
    03 Nov 2022
    Good Lishi Tool

    This lishi pick tool is a good pick for me to pick my home door locks. Made of good material. Strong and stable.