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Lock Pick Set 25 PCS Tools with 3 Padlock Lock, Locksmith Lock Picking Kits

9 reviews

$ 25.99

    25 Pieces Lock Pick Set: This lock pick sets includes everything you need for Lock picking. It contains 17 pieces stainless steel lock picking kit, 3 transparent training locks, 5 pieces credit card lock picking kit, 1 quick users guide. With the help of this lock pick set, you will be trained from beginner to professional in a short time.
    3 Pieces Padlocks: Each padlock has 2pcs of brass keys, every keys have numbers. All these keys can unlocking same series locks but cannot do in different series of locks. Lock-body are solid brass, each lock’s weight is 5.57 oz. Hardened steel shackles and double-locking bolts for maximum corrosion protection during outdoor or indoor use.
    4 Training Levels: Peek inside the lock mechanisms and see how everything works with the 3 transparent locks included. Master picking the different lock types as you progress from level 1 to level 4.
    Credit Card Lock Pick Kit: Our ultra-lightweight Credit Card Lock Pick Kit holds the 5 most important lock picking tools at an arm's reach. It discreetly fits in your wallet or pocket, so you can carry it anywhere!

Want to learn a handy and neat new skill?
On the lookout for a gift that guarantees countless hours of fun?
Experience the thrill of picking a lock with our extensive training lock pick kit.

It is time to learn a new skill with the premium lock pick set.
Premium Lock Picking Set: This extensive kit includes high-end lock picks and everything you need to start practising and expand your lockpicking abilities. Advance from beginner to pro in no time!
This 25 Pieces lock picking kit is the most advanced set we've created to date: it includes high-end tools and all the learning material you need to start this great hobby, and take it to the next level. No prior knowledge required.

The Whole 25 Pieces Lock Pick Set Includes:
12 Different Stainless Steel Lock Picks With Reinforced Handle
5 Stainless Steel Tension Wrenches
5-Piece Credit Card Lock Picking Kit
3 Transparent Practice Locks with Keys
1 Vegan Leather Pouch
1 Quick User Guide
4 Training Levels - Progress from Level 1 to Level 4 with Transparent Practice Locks

Level 1: Padlock

If you're a beginner, this transparent padlock is the best place to start. Designed specifically to help you understand how locks work, it will cut your training time in half!

Level 2-3: Double-Sided Lock

The 2-in-1 door lock offers a double challenge. One side is harder than the other. With a similar design to most door locks, you'll no longer need a locksmith in case of emergency!

Level 4: Rim Cylinder Lock

Advance your lockpicking skills by practising on different types of locks. Most challenging of the 3, the rim cylinder lock will test your abilities. Open it and earn the right to call yourself a pro!

Function of Different Tools in Lock Pick Set

Comfortable Handle

Each pick is reinforced with a lightweight Anti-Slip handle for absolute comfort in your grip.

Portable Credit Card Lockpick Kit

This bonus ultra-portable credit card lock pick kit includes 5 of the most essential tools. It discreetly fits in your wallet so you can carry it everywhere, perfect for emergency situations.

Various Kinds of Tools

Our wide selection of stainless steel tension tools will fit almost any lock out there. Their superb quality ensures maximum durability.

Useful Quick User Guide

Pick your first lock by following the step-by-step instructions in our quick user guide.

YOU'RE REVIEWING: Lock Pick Set 25 PCS Tools with 3 Padlock Lock, Locksmith Lock Picking Kits


  • Geoff Duncalf
    12 Nov 2022
    Tools are easy to use

    I bought this lock pick set to start learning how to lock picks at home. With practice, I found that it is interesting for me to pick the transparent locks. I can see clearly that how the pins work in the lock. That's great.

  • Arya
    20 Oct 2022
    Great for learning and practicing

    For me, these lock pick tools and transparent locks are really useful in the process of learning lockpicking skill. I believe I can use this set to pick locks quickly with practices.

  • Paul Britt
    05 Oct 2022
    A nice lock pick set

    Differernt picks in this set help me to learn how to pick locks and the transparent locks are easy to see how they work. I hope that I can master the lockpick skill quickly with the help of this lock pick set.

  • Quentin Croft
    20 Sep 2022
    Interesting lock pick set

    I was so happy when I received this lock pick set. When I began to check all of them, these picks are placed well in the bag. I started to use them to pick the lock, they also worked well.

  • John Clark
    10 Sep 2022
    A great, good price beginner set.

    I was completely new to lock picking. For a beginner i'd say this lock picking set is so good. The hook picks and rake picks in particular are certainly good enough for me to pick through my first few Master locks as well as a couple of old no-name locks I have lying around. 

  • Olli
    15 Aug 2022
    Surprisingly fun, well priced, and a good teaching aid

    I like this lock pick set as it comes with transparent locks, so you can see exactly how the pins work to prevent the lock from opening except when a key is inserted. For a beginner this is only really achievable as you can see the position of the pins though the housing, without this it would probably take more time than the average person has patience to get the lock open.

  • Rebecca Hanson
    05 Aug 2022
    Easy to follow

    My son wanted this set as he does magic and wanted to see if he could pick a lock. Very easy to follow instructions.

  • Jonathan
    20 Jul 2022
    Simple starter kit. Does what it claims.

    A good starter kit. Overall a good product and the transparent test locks are a very nice feature. I am happy with the purchase.

  • Jobe
    05 Jul 2022
    good starter kit

    good kit for a beginner, helps you to have an insight into lock picking and the mechanism involved