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How to Avoid Being Unable to Enter Your Home

2024-03-27 08:48

Every day, people are unable to get in because they forget to bring their keys. Instead of panicking when you can’t find your keys, it’s better to make some preparations in advance so that you can open the door even if you lose your keys.

Put the Key in Your Bag and Protect It
We all know that most people like to put their keys in their clothes pockets, so once you make a big move, the keys will be at risk of falling out, and if you put the keys in your pockets, they can easily be stolen by thieves. So try to keep your keys in your bag when you go out, and protect your bag from thieves. If you encounter a suspicious person staring at your bag on the road, you should stay away from him and then check the items in your bag carefully.

Leave a Spare Key to a Reliable Neighbor
If you have lived here for several years and are friendly with your neighbors, you can ask them to leave your spare key in their house and I am sure they will agree. In this case, if you forget to bring your keys or lose your keys when you go out, you can go to your neighbor's house to find your spare key to open the door. What needs to be noted is that you must find a trustworthy neighbor. This person must have been with you long enough that you know very well what he is like. Never trust your new neighbor so much that you give him your spare key, otherwise you may be at risk of having your property stolen.

Hide a Spare Key Outside the Door
You can find some seemingly hidden places outside your door to hide your spare keys, such as flower pots, carpets, mailboxes, or even under an inconspicuous stone in the garden. If you don't have a key, you can use a hidden spare key, but it's best to check if there are other people around you before taking the spare key to avoid a thief using the spare key to open your door when you are not at home.

Use Smart Door Locks
Nowadays, technology is becoming more and more advanced, and many smart door locks have appeared on the market. If you want to completely get rid of the fear of being dominated by keys, you can choose to install a smart lock on your door. It is very convenient whether you use a password, fingerprint or face recognition to unlock the door.

Prepare a Set of Lock Picking Tools
It is also necessary to buy lock pick sets to keep at home for backup. It is best to put them in the car or other places, so that you can open the door lock yourself when you do not bring the key or hide the spare key. Of course you will need to learn how to open locks with lock pick sets in advance, but it is definitely worth learning as it will save you the money of calling a locksmith to open the door.

You can do as the above suggestions to avoid being unable to enter your home. However, the best method is never to forget and lose your keys when you go out.