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How to Choose Good Locks for Your Garage Door

2023-08-30 09:04

Most people are used to laying their cars in their garage at home. In order to protect the security of garage, you had better select the right lock for garage door. We are going to list several good locks for your garage door in this article.
How to Choose Good Garage Door Locks
There are several different types of garage door locks. Each type has variations within the general classification. Before garage door lock replacement, classify your type of lock.
1. T-Handle
A garage door T-handle is shaped like a “T” with a keyed cylinder in the center on the outside of the door. The inside of the garage door will usually have a second T-handle or a lever with tensioned cables attached to latches on either side of the door. 
For garage door T-handle replacement, removal will likely begin from inside the garage. Often you will remove the set screws on the interior handle side and pull the exterior handle loose. If the set screws are visible from the outside, those can be removed first.
If you are locked out of your garage, it may not be possible to change the lock until you regain access. The inevitable garage door T-handle replacement is best done with two people so the handle set can be held together from both sides as it is fastened.
2. Rim Lock
A rim lock on a garage door is going to have a lock cylinder visible from outside the garage and the lock body on the inside. The lock cylinder’s set screws are found on the thumbturn and hardware in the garage’s interior. You must find the set screws to begin garage door lock replacement.
In many cases, you will not need to fully replace your rim lock. If you only have to perform door lock cylinder replacement, you can hold onto your rim latch lock body and avoid redrilling a different set screw configuration. Just be sure to get a lock cylinder that will fit the current rim latch.
It is also to segway into garage door T-handle replacement, changing the rim lock hardware out for the handle setup. This can be helpful if there is no handle on the door, and opening the garage door after unlocking is not straightforward.
A padlock is commonly found on the outside of the garage door at the bottom or on the side. The padlock will fasten on a hasp with a bolt that extends into the ground or the sidewall of the garage. With the hasp working in tandem with the padlock, it is important to match the best padlock with the best hasp.
Garage door lock replacement for padlocks is very simple. Remove the old padlock. Put the new padlock on. Change the hasp if necessary. But if the padlock won’t open, you may need help. The tools used to remove a broken padlock may be locked in your garage.
Most stuck padlocks can easily be removed via bolt cutters. High-security padlocks may require something like an angle grinder to cut through the shackle. Because you are committed to garage door lock replacement, the padlock can be broken open.
Most garage door locks are not high security, meaning they do not have drill, cutting, or picking protection. With garage door lock replacement, you can potentially increase the security of your garage door lock or use additional locks to provide greater security. When you meet lock problems at home, you can equip lock picking sets and try to solve these problems well by yourselves.