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How to Choose Home Interior Door Locks

2023-05-10 09:11

When people are talking about the security of interior doors, it always depends on the type of door locks you choose. You can take a look at the factors that are in play when it comes to securing interior doors and choosing the right inside door locks. These will help you have a good understanding of choosing home interior door locks. 
Most interior doors are not intended to provide security. Interior doors are most often hollow core doors, which means they are very flimsy and will likely break open regardless of the lock you put on them. But interior doors do offer benefits for fire safety and have uses outside of security.
How to Choose Home Interior Door Locks
In nearly every case, thinking about your indoor door locks as security devices is misguided. The lock hardware you find on most interior doors is only intended to keep out someone who might mistakenly wander into a room while it is occupied by someone desiring privacy.
Mechanically, a door knob, handle, or lever needs to use a spring-loaded latch, so turning the handle will retract the latch and allow the door to open. It is this feature that makes the lock inherently insecure. A latch like this can be depressed by sliding a credit card between the door and the jam if it were locked.
Outside of commonly installed locks, if you are using a chain door guard, swing bar, or sliding inside door lock. Just be aware that these locks can also be defeated with very simple bypasses that criminals will know. Security comes from you being in the room when these locks are engaged so you can respond to the threat.
It is only when you are using a keyed inside door lock that you will be able to lock your door, leave the room empty, and regain entry. But the security of these locks matters about as much as how much force a deadbolt can withstand because of what we have already discussed about interior doors.
If you have roommates, or would like an additional level of security, you can use an inside door lock with a keyed cylinder. As long as the lock is used consistently, it will prevent any passive thievery and reduce crimes of opportunity.
Make sure you have easy egress so you can get out of your bedroom during an emergency. That means addressing the issue when a door knob won’t turn and not installing double-sided deadbolts that require a key to leave. And always install inside locks so they can be opened from inside the room via their thumb turn or button.
Make sure that everything is installed properly, so you do not get locked out of your room as a result of a latch catching on a misaligned strike plate. And be aware that handles that turn from the inside when locked. This often confuses residents into thinking their door is unlocked when it isn’t (leading to unintentional lockouts).
People should pay attention to the choice of home interior door locks for the security of your room. Sometimes, you may meet the situation that the door knob was locked at home. Lock picks play an important role in dealing with these emergencies. There are different kinds of lock pick sets at