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How to Find the Best Places to Install A Safe At Home

2023-11-15 09:26

Some people are worried about how to store their rare items like money, jewelry and bags. So, they want to install a safe at home. And do you know which places is the best to install? We are going to list several best places to install a safe at home in this article.
How to Find the Best Places to Install A Safe at Home
The best place for you to install a safe will depend on factors such as your budget, which affects the type of safe you will be installing. The stronger the safe, the less hiding it requires. If you are living with roommates or children, you may require more concealment. And when you are renting, there may be restrictions in terms of bolting a safe to the floor.
There is no generally perfect installation point. Each location will have its tradeoffs and benefits. And logistical restrictions may prevent you from taking full advantage of specific options. For example, if you have to request permission from your landlord, the existence of the safe is exposed. This is not like requesting to change locks on an apartment, once a safe’s presence is discovered it is at risk.
Understand that even though these are some of the best places to install a home safe, their security can be undermined. Do not create preventable vulnerabilities. Do not talk about your safe. And though many of these better ideas are not very cutting edge, they are common suggestions for a reason. They work. So choose the one that works best for you.
In movies, the first thing thieves will do is investigate the backs of picture frames looking for wall safes. Real-life criminals do not do this unless they already know a safe is in the house. There are many perks to a wall safe including concealment and accessibility. The safe does not need to be incredibly strong, as it is unlikely to be attacked. And with the safe at eye level, they are easy to interact with.
Before buying a home safe, you need to decide whether or not it will be installed inside a wall. Walls have specific dimensions that safe must be able to accommodate. You are limited to the space between two studs and the depth of the wall. If you are building a home or renovating a room, you can also take steps to prep a wall for a deeper safe. Also make sure to have a mirror, picture frame, etc. that will cover the safe door.
Floor safes have most of the same benefits as wall safes but can be much deeper with sturdier constructions. They are potentially even easier to conceal because rugs, mats, and carpeting are available in so many sizes. The area being covered can eclipse the safe door without becoming too unwieldy to move when the safe is being accessed.
A floor safe is extremely difficult to cut out of the ground, and only the door is exposed. The door is often the most secure part of a safe forcing criminals to attack the sidewalls, which in this case are buttressed by the surrounding floor. It may take a bit more effort in terms of installation and planning, but a floor safe is going to get you the most security in return.
First-time safe buyers should be aware that there are specially made floor safes. You may be able to get away with buying a generic safe and installing it in the ground, but I would not recommend it. Safes designed for floor installation have particular shapes and electronic actuators that help you lift the heavy door.
If you have a heavy-duty gun safe from a quality safe manufacturer, once that safe is in the basement bolted to the concrete floor, it isn’t going anywhere. But even with a smaller safe, the basement is a great place for installation. Of course, not every home has a basement so this is not an option for everyone. 
The basement is out of the way. It is large. Often uninviting. And cluttered enough to easily obscure the existence of a safe. There is no obvious place to hide a safe in a basement either (other than under the stairs, which we will discuss later). With no clear place to begin looking, a thief has more lucrative places they can check with better returns. 
If you are going to install a safe at home, you can consider these mentioned places in advance. And you have better keep lock picks at home in order to fix normal lock problems quickly.