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How to Fix Your Car Key Fob When It Is Not Working

2023-11-08 09:27

When people are going to drive cars for work, they press their car key fobs and find that they can not open the car door lock. Which means that the car key fob is no working. So, you need fix the car key fob quickly and open your car door. Do you know how to fix it when the car key fob is not working?
How to Fix Your Car Key Fob Quickly
Replace Batteries
With a key fob not working, the easiest and cheapest solution is to change the batteries. This may not solve the issue, but it is worth trying a troubleshooting measure. Dead batteries are the most common reasons for a car key fob not working. All you need to do is take the shell apart, look at the battery to find the part number, then go to an auto parts store for a replacement.
If your car key fob not working is resulting in the inability to drive your vehicle, and therefore preventing you from being able to purchase new batteries, consider calling in a favor from a friend or taking a ride share service. And when you have the new batteries, hopefully, this will fix your broken key.
When you change the batteries in your key fob, the device may need to be reset or reprogrammed to the car. We will talk more about this in the next section, just be aware that the battery replacement may not solve the issue. The key fob not working after a battery replacement does not necessarily mean your key fob is broken.
Older vehicles have DIY programming procedures for their remotes, but almost all keyless ignition fobs will require advanced equipment. The more complex the remote, the higher the cost to program a car key. With a key fob not working, you may run into problems programming or even reprogramming your existing fob due to modern security measures.
Key fobs for newer vehicles use various signal encryption methods to keep criminals from capturing the car key signals and making unauthorized remotes/fobs. This requires the use of proprietary equipment, restricted to locksmiths and the dealership.
Be aware that without a spare car key, the cost for car key duplication, will likely increase. With a key fob not working, the service techs will not just be able to capture a working signal and will therefore need to access the car’s onboard diagnostic port. This is not something you can do yourself as it requires special equipment.
New Key
In the worst-case scenario, a key fob not working will require a full replacement. The cost of replacing a car key fob will vary based on the make, model, and year of the vehicle. You can lower your replacement costs by purchasing aftermarket electronic car keys instead of the official branded products.
Once you have the new key you can still have the professional service handle any programming. But if you are not using the officially licensed car key fob, you may not be able to get the assurance from the service professionals that the key will work properly. For example, the aftermarket key may have the remote start function not working or decreased functionality, if it functions at all.
The only way to be sure that your new key will work is to buy your products from the manufacturer or get a locksmith to recommend products and provide programming. The more of this process you handle yourself, the less expensive it is likely to be when it comes to the cost of parts and service charges. However, some parts and programming methods are restricted to professionals only.
So, if you meet the situation that the car key fob is not working, you can follow these steps to fix it in time. And you had better keep car lockout kit at home in order to deal with car door lock problems quickly.