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How to Get A Stuck Key Out of A Lock Fast

2023-10-11 09:24

What should you do when you meet the situation that the key stuck in the lock? People often fell confused about dealing with it. A broken key or the full key? There is totally different in the process of solving lock problems. We are going to tell you the solution that how to get a stuck key out of a lock fast.
Two Main Ways that A Key Stuck in a Lock
There are two main ways that a key gets stuck in a lock. A key stuck in a lock could break in the keyway, or the key may stick without any damage to the key. How to get a stuck key out of a lock will change depending on why the key is stuck. Is the key stuck because of a key issue or lock issue?
Full Key Stuck In Lock 
A key getting stuck in a door lock can be a recurring problem or a severe issue that happens abruptly. This can often lead to a broken key stuck in a lock, but until then, let’s just focus on the lock. There may be an issue with the cylinder, in which case you will need door lock cylinder replacement. Or the bolt may be grinding against the strike plate.
Broken Key Stuck In Lock
When a key breaks off in a lock, it presents a very different set of difficulties than removing a full key stuck in a lock. As troublesome as it is to get a broken key out of a lock, it is unlikely to get as complex as what could potentially be wrong with a key getting stuck in a door lock without breaking. You are only going to have to worry about getting a hold of the key fragment so you can pull it free.
One of the many downsides to this type of “key stuck in lock” scenario is that without a spare key, you will be locked out. Do not attempt to use the two parts of the key to open the lock. It is also not feasible to fix a broken key that has split in half like this. However, a locksmith can copy a broken key when you have all the pieces or decode the lock for the key code. 
Solutions of Different Lock Types with Stuck Key
The type of lock your key is stuck in can change how to go about the processes outlined above. This is because the context your lock exists in can raise the stakes of damage and increase the difficulty of replacing parts, which may be damaged by improper attempts to remove a stuck key.
Car Key Stuck In Lock
A car key stuck in a lock may be stuck in a car door or the ignition. For a key stuck in the ignition, you need to be extremely careful when you are going about the removal process. You do not want to cause damage to your steering column or the ignition assembly. If you are too rough during this process, it is also possible to harm your ignition housing.
Damage is likely to happen when you are rapping or torquing the key. Striking or exerting pressure on the keyway can stress the cylinder or surrounding parts. If the cylinder or housing becomes more damaged, it may become harder to go about car ignition repair because removal could be impeded, and more components may be broken.
A key stuck in a door is not as troubling because there are likely other ways to open the car. What matters most is the stuck key in the lock has to be removed without damaging the key so you can drive. Unless you have a spare car key with you. Even if you need to replace the car door lock cylinder, this will not affect your ability to drive the vehicle.
House Key Stuck In Lock
A house key stuck in a door lock does not need to be removed if you are planning to change the lock. If you can get inside the home and uninstall the lock’s interior set screws, you will only need a new lock. This is best done when a house key is stuck in a lock as the result of a broken lock, as the lock will need to be changed anyway.
If your full house key is stuck in a lock, you do not want to leave your door unattended. The door is not secure, even if you are having difficulty opening it while the key is stuck in the lock. An exception to this is when a key is stuck in a lock, such as a keyed door knob, but a secondary lock is still engaged.
It is never recommended to abandon a door with a key in it, but your risks are diminished if the door uses multiple locks. Going to buy a lock from the hardware store would be too much distance from the lock, but going to ask a neighbor for help may be worth the risk. Another set of eyes can help troubleshoot a key stuck in a lock and potentially find a better solution.
When you meet the key stuck in the lock, you need check the type of lock and find the right solution to fix it quickly. It is necessary for you to keep lock pick set at home and learn to solve lock problems by yourself.