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How to Make A Key Stuck in A Lock

2023-01-11 09:17

Some people may want to know how to make the key stuck in the lock when they meet several conditions. For instance, they lost the key of a lock and expect to prevent the lock from burglars. On the other hand, they want to keep the door locked and ensure that others can not enter with keys. While, when you decide to open the door next time, you have to replace the locks in advance. So, when you plan to make the lock unavailable, you had better make sure that the door is not the entry of other rooms. 
How to Make a Key Stuck in a Lock
There are several products designed to disable a lock, either temporarily or permanently. If you want to know how to make a key stuck in a lock, it the best way to get these products. These products can help you make a key stuck in a lock easily. 
Lockout Key 
Lockout Key is the common product in daily life. They are just key blanks that have been cut horizontally down in the middle. You can insert the lockout key into the hole and pull out the top half. Then, the bottom half are left in the lock. If you want to remove the bottom half, you need insert the top half and pull out two pieces at the same time. 
Lockout Key is a good tool that helps people make the key stuck in the lock. While, the shortcoming of this product is that the bottom half in the lock can be pulled out when you insert anything into the top. Like a paperclip or bobby pin. 
Keyhole Lock
Keyhole locks can be used to block the keyway of locks, you need a second key to insert and remove them. This product can prevent people who have the keys opening the lock. 
Jamming the Lock with something available
When you insert something in the lock, the lock will be jammed. And the lock can not be reversible unless you remove the lock. If you plan to replace the lock next time, you can insert anything that fits in the lock. 
You can insert the toothpicks into the lock and break them off in the lock. According to the size of toothpicks, you can decide to insert one or several pieces of toothpicks in the lock. When they are broken in the lock, it is hard to remove them off. 
On the other hand, you can cut off one piece of toothpick and insert it into the bottom of the lock. When people insert the key into the lock, they will find that the key can not reach deeply, which can not be unlocked. 
Paper is another good product that can be inserted into the lock easily and people can not pull it out from the lock. You can cut off small strips or fold up large paper, and use the paper clip or toothpicks to insert the strips into the deep. Then, the lock is been stuck with paper. 
As you have known how to make the key stuck into the lock in this article, you can experiment them and find the right ways. In addition, if you want to pick the locks without keys, you can buy lock picking tools at to help you finish the job easily. You can find various lock picking sets that can be used to pick different kinds of locks.