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How to Open the Lock Box Without A Key

2023-08-09 09:19

People may encounter that some important items are locked in the box and they need to get it quickly without the key. So, they want to know some essential tips that helps them open the box. If you are looking for the useful solutions, you can read this article and know some useful methods.
Useful Methods to Open the Lock Box Without A Key
A bypass is going to be specific to a particular lock or product, but there are several standards you can try with any lock box. If you are looking for how to open a lock box without a key, the bypass can come in the form of manipulating the actuator directly.
To manipulate a lock’s actuator, you can try reaching through the keyway. Using a tool thinner and longer than your key, insert into the back of the lock. You may be able to reach the mechanism that the cam/tailpiece interacts with and turn it similar to a rotating tailpiece.
How to open a lock box without a code may be as simple as the factory reset bypass. This works on some combination lock boxes that have standard reset codes. Look for documentation for your lock box, such as the manual, and look for the reset code process.
More substantial lock boxes may have pre-cut holes to bolt them to the ground. Some electronic locks will have rest levers or buttons on the inside of the lock box. How to open a lock box without a code can be as simple as getting a tool into a gap and flipping that reset switch.
If your lock box uses a padlock, it may be a product that only offers the illusion of security. Most cheap padlocks can be shimmed open, which is a process of inserting two thin pieces of metal into the gap between the shackle and lock body.
A shim can be improvised out of an aluminum can with a pair of scissors. Simply make an arrow shape. Insert the point into the crevice between the shackle and the body of the lock. Move the shims so they are inside the “U” and press down.
Whether it is how to open a lock box without a key or how to open a key lock box without a code, a keyed padlock or combination padlock can be vulnerable to shimming. Be aware even if you are not using one of the best padlocks to secure your lock box, you may have a product that cannot be shimmed.
You need to know how to open a lock box without a key without taking the time to learn everything there is about how to pick a lock. That is why we will be focusing on raking rather than single pin picking. This is something you should be able to try with no prior experience.
If time is not a factor, buying lock picking tools will make this process much easier. How to open a lock box without a key using improvised tools is a bit more challenging. If your tools are not properly shaped, they are more likely to fail. The locking process boils down to:
Gather your lock pick and tension wrench. 
Insert the tension wrench into the keyway.
Apply tension as if you were turning the key.
Insert your lock pick to the back of the keyway.
Move the lock pick up, down, in, and out while maintaining tension.
Once successfully picked, rotate the tension wrench to open the lock.
Common mistakes include over and under tensioning the lock. 
Experiment with the amount of pressure. If you do not open the lock box in two minutes, remove tension and start again. Be aware that if your key does not work, lock picking will not work.
You can try to master these three mentioned methods and open the lock box with practice. With the help of these methods, you will not be trapped next time. And you can also Buy Lock Picking Tools and learn to pick the simple locks. Lock-picking is a really useful life skills for everyone.