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How to Open the Lock in Three Steps

2024-07-04 09:50

Are you seeking a new activity because you're bored? Perhaps you want to get into the action after seeing the amazing products at Australia's top online lock pick shop or you just want to acquire a difficult but enjoyable skill.

Welcome to the fascinating world of lock picking! But where do you start? You should buy a lock pick set and figure it out.

Why Learn Lock Picking?
Before we dive in, let's discuss why lock picking is worth your time. Why do some people enjoy it so much, and what's the appeal if you're not planning to steal anything?

Here's why lock picking enthusiasts love it:
It's cool. It might not be the best way to impress people, but lock picking feels like being part of a secret society of skilled ninjas. Once you learn how, you'll possess a unique talent.
It's fun. Knowing you can open locks without a key (legally, of course!) is thrilling. Practicing becomes addictive, especially as you challenge yourself with tougher locks. Lock picking is growing in popularity in Australia and New Zealand, and you can even enter competitions.
It's cheap. Unlike expensive hobbies like snowboarding, lock picking is relatively inexpensive. You don't need to spend thousands on gear or membership fees.
It boosts your skills. Lock picking requires patience and problem-solving, similar to puzzles. Some locks are easy, while others are challenging and require understanding the lock's mechanics. .

The Legal Stuff
Before we get into the how-tos, let's be clear: this guide is not for opening locks you shouldn't. It's illegal and unethical. Stick to the ‘lock pickers code of conduct' and look out for our FREE eBook on the legal side of lock picking in Australia.

How to Pick a Pin Tumbler Lock?
Now, let's get started on picking a lock!
We'll use a pin tumbler lock because it's the most common and beginner-friendly type. Check out the Barhomevip Lock Pick Set and other practice locks to get started.

How does a Pin Tumbler Lock Work?
Understanding the mechanics of a pin tumbler lock is crucial. These locks have been around for over 6000 years, with the basic mechanism remaining unchanged.

Key parts include:
Core (or plug): The key is inserted here, and it turns to open the lock.
Pins: These are housed in holes above the core. When the key is inserted, the pins align to allow the core to turn.
The goal is to get the pins to the right height by rotating the core slightly, making one pin bind or ‘talk to us’. This happens when you feel or hear a click, indicating the pin is at the shear line. Repeat this for all pins to unlock the core, similar to how a key works.

How to Pick a Lock?
Here's the step-by-step process for picking a pin tumbler lock using the raking method:
• Insert the tension wrench: Place it in the bottom of the keyhole and apply light pressure in the direction the key would turn. Too much pressure will cause the pins to stick.
• Insert the pick: Place it in the top of the lock and slide it in. Gently move the pick back and forth to feel the pins.
• Scrub the pick: Rake the pick back and forth while maintaining light pressure with the tension wrench. Lift the pick slightly as you pull it back to apply pressure on the pins.
• Continue this action until all the pins are set. If it's not working, reduce pressure with the tension wrench, reset the pins, and try again.

These are the basic steps for picking most locks. Since lock picking is a skill, you'll improve with practice. Get a few clear practice locks to see the pins and practice whenever you have free time. Stay calm, keep the tension light, and most importantly, have fun!