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How to open the lock with a hairpin

2022-11-15 09:06

You all have the experience of going out without a key and getting locked out? I once forgot to bring my bag when I went out. As a result, my mobile phone and home keys were all in the bag. The mood was mixed. Recently, there are lock pickers on the Internet who teach you how to easily unlock with hairpins. Although there are teachings of various tools on the Internet, hairpins should be the easiest to obtain!
First you need two bobby pins. One is a rotary handle used to force the lock to rotate, and you can bend the hairpin at 1/3.
The other is the test probe, which is used to push up and down and test the nails with different heights in the lock, and separate the nails up and down with rotation. The production of the test probe is to first fold the hairpin into an L shape, then insert one end into the lock hole a little bit, bend the head slightly with a little force to make a small hook, and then bend the other end of the hairpin into a V shape. V-shaped is convenient for people to hold.
After all the tools are folded, you can start unlocking ~ first put the rotary handle into the keyhole, then rotate in the direction of unlocking and apply pressure, and then this force will help the probe to confirm the position of the nail in the lock and make it Separate up and down. But remember to leave space for the probe to enter, it is better if you can leave a seam where the eyes can see the condition of the lock a little!
Next, start the test. Since most locks are not perfect in the manufacturing or assembly process, the condition inside the lock will be slightly different after rotating and applying force. You will find that some are better to move up and down, and the purpose of the test is to find out For needles that are tight and difficult to move, push the cutting points of these needles to the reference line one by one, and then move and rotate the force to separate them up and down one by one.
As for how to find it? First insert the prepared test probe, the hook end should face the front edge of the needle, and then feel the movement of the needle, if the needle can move up and down freely, ignore it for the time being, and probe all the way to a needle that is difficult to push up until. During the process, the rotating force should be continuously applied, and then the needle should be pushed up slowly until it is aligned with the reference line, and then it can be separated up and down, and then a "click" will be heard.
At this time, you should be able to turn the lock slightly, but at the same time, another needle that is difficult to push up will also be formed. Keep repeating the above action, and slowly separate all the needles up and down. After they are separated, the lock can be unlocked smoothly. However, sometimes the needle is pushed too high, and the lock still cannot be unlocked smoothly. At this time, you can relax the rotation path, the needle that is too high will drop down a little, and then continue the previous steps to unlock the lock smoothly.
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