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How to Open Your Locked Mailbox without Keys

2023-09-13 09:01

Some people may meet the problem that they need open their mailbox to pick up the files or package while the keys are lost. They need to get the item stored in the mailbox quickly. So, what should you do to open your locked mailbox without keys? We are going to tell you necessary solutions in this article.
Mailbox locks range from low security to the illusion of security. Due to the insecurity of the mailbox itself, it is rarely worthwhile to have a high-security lock. Most mailbox locks can be opened by beginner lock pickers or forced open with basic destructive entry tactics. In most cases, the mailbox can be opened through prying attacks that ignore the lock altogether.
How to Open An Apartment Mailbox without Key
The quickest way to open a mailbox when you lost your key is to pry the door open. This can be done quickly and with very little skill and requires only a claw hammer and flathead screwdriver (or similar tools). It is important to receive approval from the owner or manager of the mailbox before trying this method, as improper attempts can damage the mailbox door or surrounding mailboxes.
This method should not be used on a mailbox that uses thin metal doors. Thin metal is likely to bend or distort, leaving the mailbox itself unusable. To avoid scuffing or scratching the surrounding metal, place fabric towels or rags between your tools and the mailbox while prying. 
This mailbox lock hack is going to sheer off the tailpiece of your lock, so there is nothing to hold the mailbox door closed. The lock can then be removed and replaced. You will also need to change out the tailpiece, so be sure you are prepared to fully replace your mailbox lock. If you have bent the mailbox door or damaged the door to where it won’t close, fix the mailbox before installing the lock.
This is not an in-depth explanation of how to pick a lock but rather a practical guide of how to pick a mailbox lock with no prior experience. Most mailbox locks are going to use a pin tumbler system where several stacks of pins are elevated to a particular height by the groove depths on a key. You are trying to raise the pins to that height while tensioning the lock so the pins stay set in place.
With very little skill or practice you can learn how to pick a mailbox lock but the better your tools, the faster the process will work. You can purchase tools from established lock pick brands or use paper clips bent into lock picks. In any case, you will need two tools. A tension wrench and a rake. Once you have your tools, you can get to work.
If you are not getting anywhere with this method of how to pick a mailbox lock, change your tension. You can also look a bit deeper into the difference between raking and single pin picking to understand what you are trying to achieve through this type of manipulation. And if you do not want to take up lock picking as a hobby, you can reach out to a locksmith for help.
If you need to know how to open a mailbox with a broken lock, you can refer to the section on prying, which is the fastest way to open a mailbox. Besides prying, the next best mailbox lock hack is drilling. You need a screwdriver and power drill with a new drill bit. The drill bit should be slightly larger than the keyway. The drill bit will fit better once the keyway dust cover is removed.
Before drilling your lock, you should also have your replacement mailbox lock. You can also do a bit of lock prep that will help make this go smoother. Lubricate the lock with any type of spray lube (WD-40 will work fine in this case). And once your dust cover is off, you can use a punch to give your drill bit something to bite.
People can learn to open your mailbox by these methods in emergency. And you can also buy Lock Pick Set to master the lock-picking skill in your spare time.