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How to Pick Lock with a knife: useful ways to unlock a locked door

2022-11-22 09:05

Can you pick a lock with a knife? How do you open a locked door with a knife? This article will show you the useful tips to open a locked door with a knife!
What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial
You can certainly pick a deadbolt lock with a knife in no time with the 3 following methods that are highly recommended by professionals for their effectiveness.
Method #1: Stick and Wiggle
Method #2: Get Some Help
Method 1: Stick and Wiggle
In traditional lock picking, there are two tools used to pick a lock – a tension wrench that applies rotational torque to the lock and a lock pick that manipulates the pins.
In this first method, we are going to try to use the knife as both the tension wrench and the pick! Now to use this method, the blade of the knife has to be smaller than the keyway and able to fit into the lock without significantly lifting the pins. If this is not the case, you may wish to move on to another method in this guide.
The goal of Stick and Wiggle is to wiggle the pins up into position – much like we do with a rake type of lock pick!
Method 2: Get Some Help
The second method is a bit different in that you will need one additional tool in order to complete it. Similar to that in Method 1, a smaller thinner knife is desired for this like a butter knife or Swiss Army. This method combines traditional lock picking with Method one to get the door open. The knife itself will be used as a tension wrench and you will have to find or fashion some form of picking tool from the materials around you.
The first step is to get your picking tool ready.
For this, we prefer using a rake style because it is much easier to work with out there in the field. Generally, you want a small metal object like a paper clip, safety pin or bobby pin and make a little wave form out of the end of it so it looks somewhat like the pick on top here.
Insert the knife into the bottom of the keyhole like you did in Method 1. However, there is no need to shove it too far backwards into the lock this time You want the knife inside the lock just enough so that you can turn it.
Insert the newly made pick from Step 1 into the top of the lock and rake it back and forth. Essentially, you will be using an in and out method to scrub it open while simultaneously putting pressure on the tension wrench. Check out the video below to see the method for raking the lock opens, keeping in mind that the knife is being used as a tension wrench.
In life, you will inevitably encounter the situation of losing your keys. Whether it is a door lock or a car door lock, you only need to carry the Lock Picking Tools with you in case of emergency, and you will never be afraid of this situation again.