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How to Pick Your Office Door Locks When You Are Locked Outside

2023-01-18 09:09

People feel embarrassed when they are locked outside the office, they need enter the office and start their work. They have to find ways to open the office locks. Before picking the office door locks, you need make sure that you are given express permission by the owner at first. Then, you should know the type of your office door locks and choose the right way to pick them. 
Although locks can be opened with enough time, some specific locks can not be opened with lock picking. For instance, lock picking tools are not effective with broken locks, even the keys. Or the high secure locks are not easy to open for experienced lock pickers. You had better ask someone who knows how to pick the office door lock for help. 
Some Useful Ways to Pick Your Office Door Locks
Lock Pick Tools
When it comes to lock pick tools, many people may think that they are simple lock picks. When you can going to pick your office door locks, the most important thing is choosing the right tool according to the type of office door lock. If you have not got the lock pick set from official lock pick brands, you should know how to make your own improvise picks. 
There are normally two main tools in lock pick sets, the tension wrench and the pick. You can put the tension wrenches on the top or bottom of the keyway. They have various sizes and thicknesses. The tip of the picks also has various sizes. They are designed to move all the pins quickly or one at a time. 
Some people try to make lock picks by paper clips or bobby pins, it is not easy for people to figure out how to pick locks with these simple-made tools. When you are picking locks, you may face problems from your tools or technique. 
Lock Shims
The shim is a thin material that can be used to slide between two components. When you are going to pick the office door lock, you can use the shim the slide into a crevice to retract a spring-loaded locking mechanism. It is important for you to choose the shim according to thickness and shape. 
The shim can be slender and flexible, they can not be too brittle and fragile at the same time. Many people may see that how to pick the office door lock with a shim from the videos. The shim always seems as a credit card sliding between the door frame and lock. 
When using the shim, it usually warps, distorts or even damages in the end. So, the normal shim can not be used twice. So, you had better not choose the credit cards or ID cards as the shims. For office door locked with a padlock, you have to find something smaller and thinner. 
We have recommend two normal lock pick tools for people to open the office door locks, if you have known the type of your office door locks, you just select the right tools to pick them. Then, you will have access to enter the room and begin to work happily in the office.