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Introduction and use of home bartending and bartender tools

2022-09-20 08:51

When we go to bars, we often see bartenders making delicious drinks for us with a variety of cups and instruments. Today, I'm going to introduce to you all kinds of bartender utensils and how to use them.
1. The first is the measuring cup. The measuring cup is a standard volume cup used to measure various liquids when preparing cocktails and other mixed drinks. It has two styles. The first is a stainless steel measuring cup with two funnel-shaped ends, one is large, the other A small head. The most commonly used measuring cup combinations are: 30ml and 45ml, 30ml and 60ml. The second is a tall glass measuring cup with a flat and thick bottom, with standard degrees on it.
2. Then there is the wine mouth. The wine spout is installed on the mouth of the wine bottle and is used to control the amount of wine poured out.
3. Mixing glasses. A mixing glass is a thick glass vessel used to hold ice cubes and various beverage ingredients.
4. Bartender. Bartenders are usually made of stainless steel. Common shakers are regular and Boston shakers. Once the drink and ice cubes are placed in the shaker, they are ready to be shaken.
5. Ice filter The round ice filter is used to cover the upper part of the mixing glass, and the two ears are used to fix its position. The filter keeps sauces like ice cubes and fruit out of the drinking glass.
6. Bar spoon The bar spoon is made of stainless steel, with a shallow spoon, a long handle and a spiral shape, which is used for stirring drinks.
7. Ice Scoop Made of stainless steel or plastic, it is used to scoop out a variety of different ice cubes from the ice bucket.
8. Ice clip Ice clip is a stainless steel tool used to hold square ice
9. A wooden tool with a flat end used to crush solids or mash them into a paste. The other end is round and used to crush ice cubes.
10. Fruit squeezer A manual squeezer for squeezing fruit juices such as lemons or limes.
11. Funnel A funnel is a common transfer tool used to pour wine and beverages from large containers into small containers.
12. Sticky board The sticky board commonly used in bars is square plastic or wooden.
13. Bar knives Bar knives are generally stainless steel knives. Small or medium-sized stainless steel knives are commonly used. The blade must be sharp.
14. Peeling Knife a special knife used to peel lemon peels, etc., for decoration of beverages.
15. Straws for serving long drink cups. Bartending utensils are not only used for bartending, but also an important part of the art of bartending. Every tiny tool shines in its unique light in the cocktail world.
If you are interested in bartending, I believe this introduction will definitely help you a lot. At the same time, friends are welcome to exchange and discuss in the comments and learn from each other. If you need bar tools, such as Cocktail Smoker, cocktails and more, is the best place you’d better go!