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Lishi Lock Pick introduction: what are Lishi Lock Picks

2022-11-29 08:54

The Lishi Tool is the imagination of Li Zhiqin or Mr. Li for short. These amazing tools revolutionized the automotive locksmith industry by making the process of picking and decoding locks much faster than other tools.
The name Lishi is translated from Chinese and means Li family (shi). Mr Lee used the name as a sign of respect for his family, which allowed him to create his wonderful tools.
A bit of history
Original HU66 card reader The original Lishi tool originated from the card reader designed by Mr. Li for the door lock of Volkswagen in 2000. This unique tool allows the user to read the depth of the wafer without first trapping the wafer in a lock.
Original HU66 Pick Follows the success of the HU66 Reader with the introduction of the HU66 Lock picker. The tool allows users to select a Volkswagen door and ignition lock and combine it with the HU66 card reader to create replacement keys.
Enter the 2-in-1 tool
The HU162 3D Image2-In-1 tool combines the ability to pick and decode locks into a useful package. Using the 2-in-1 tool, users can select and then decode the locked wafer depth.
There are about 100 different versions of these tools to correspond to the many different automotive keyways in use today. Each tool has its own unique high quality design, enabling it to adapt to the different keyway configurations of modern vehicle designs. The site contains a complete list of tools and reference information about them.
High quality design
Mr. Lee has been a locksmith for more than 30 years. The experience taught Mr Lee that it was imperative to produce high-quality tools so they could last for years without having to be replaced. Stick to the original Lux tools provided by reputable dealers to ensure that you are getting tools made by Mr. Lee.
Every tool is guaranteed and made of the best materials. Only the tools designed and manufactured by Mr. Li can be guaranteed to be the original Lishi tools.
Lishi recently introduced individual lock picks for SC1, KW1, AM3 and BE2 keyways that take advantage of the vertical keyways. Normal lock picking while using rakes and tension wrenches isn’t a perfect art form. Skilled locksmiths might have increased lock-picking success through knowledge and experience, but it’s impossible to know exactly how long it will take before the lock plug finally rotates. One comparison might be with raking leaves: Moving one leaf in a pile while others are undisturbed is just a matter of luck. And running a rake pick across a row of tumblers has a similar effect.
No matter what kind of Lishi Lock Picks you want, you can find all of them at, including HU66, kw1, kw5 and more!