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Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Cocktail Shaker

2022-05-25 14:55

To make yummy cocktails, you must own a cocktail shaker. Using a cocktail shaker can eliminate the stress and also make cocktail making faster. Here are reasons why you should own a cocktail shaker.
Reason 1
If a drink contains fruit juice, egg, or dairy—ingredients that are a little harder to integrate into liquor—you’ll want to shake it. Shaking chills the drink more quickly than stirring; dilutes the alcohol to bring acid, sugar, and alcohol into harmony; and gives texture to your mixed drink, aerating the components so they’re light and foamy and breaking some of the ice into tiny, drinkable shards. (Most bartenders will strain off these shards so that the finished drink has a smoother and more homogeneous texture, but a few prefer to let the ice float on top, where it affords a bit of crunch.)
Reason 2
The secondary benefit of shaking is proper dilution. The amount of time that a drink interacts with ice during the shake is just long enough to add the perfect amount of water to the mix. This results in a smoother-tasting cocktail.
Reason 3
It never fails (especially in warm weather) that the end of an ice-filled drink is watered down and almost tasteless. If you were to shake the same drink and serve it without ice, the taste (if not the temperature) would remain consistent from beginning to end.
Reason 4
A cocktail shaker would most definitely reduce the time you use in making a cocktail by more than half. A cocktail shaker not only saves you energy but time because of the speed with which it blends the cocktail. This would mean that you can make more cocktails within the same time frame that you take in making a few cocktail drinks before.
Reason 5
You are most likely thinking if it would be easy to switch from manually shaking your cocktail to using a cocktail shaker. It is normal to get used to making your cocktails manually; however, you will need to try using a cocktail shaker to tell the difference. One of the advantages of using a cocktail shaker is the ease of use. Even if it is your first time using it, it will still be effortless to use. All you have to do is to put the desired ingredients in the cocktail shaker and then shake it vigorously. Depending on the amount of ice that you added, your cocktail should be ready after about 10-20 seconds of shaking.
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