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Shake, Rattle & Pour: How to Use a Cocktail Shaker

2022-07-19 08:52

Cocktail shakers are an essential tool for bartenders of any skill level. Not only is it an important tool for making cocktails, but shaking it vigorously over your shoulder looks cool and is a great way to relieve tension. Let's take a look at what makes cocktail shakers such an integral part of barology and the different types of shakers available on the market today.
What is a cocktail shaker?
A cocktail shaker is a device used to mix beverages (usually alcoholic) by shaking. When ice is put in the shaker this allows for a quicker cooling of the drink before serving.
History of cocktail shakers
Supposedly, the shaker developed when someone (possibly an innkeeper) came up with the idea of putting the two glasses together. According to Stephen Viskay in “Vintage Bar Ware,” “Finding that the smaller mouth of one container fit into another, he held the two together and shook 'for a bit of a show.
How to use a cocktail shaker
Step 1: Fill the shaker with your ingredients and ice.
Start by adding the ingredients into the shaker tin (use the smaller cup or pint glass if you’re using a Boston shaker) and then fill it ⅔ of the way with ice or you can add the ice to your shaker first if you prefer. A cocktail jigger makes it easy to measure and pour any liquid ingredients.
Step 2: Seal the shaker
If you’re using a cobbler shaker, then you can simply place the cap and give it a tap to secure it. For Boston shakers, place the large shaker tin on top of your smaller tin or pint glass and secure it by giving it a firm tap with the palm of your hand.
Step 3: Shake your drink
You’ll want to get a good grip on your shaker so you don’t shake your drink all over yourself or your friends. Less experienced mixologists will want to use two hands with one hand holding each end of the shaker.
Shake vigorously over your shoulder to properly mix your drink. You don’t achieve as good a mix by shaking vertically as you do shaking horizontally. You’ll want to shake for about 10-15 seconds or until you feel condensation forming on the outside of the shaker. Open shaker and strain drink into glass.
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