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Slim Jim Tool: How to Use a Slim Jim Tool to Open Your Car

2022-12-28 09:10

Have you seen the Slim Jim Tool in the movie? The bad guy runs towards the car and jams the Slim Jim Tool into the window, then the car door is opened. He jumps into the car and drives fast to escape from the police. What an amazing tool in the movie! However, can you use the simple slim jim tool to open the car in a short time? Probably not. It is not easy to open a car with slim jim tool like the movie. Do you want to know how do slim jim tool work? 
What’s the Slim Jim Tool for Cars? 
The Slim Jim Tool is a long, thin metal tool with hook on the end of it, which is used by auto locksmiths and carjackers. People usually jams the slim jim tool between the car window and weather stripping, then wiggles it around, open the car door. 
Now, with the produce of new car models, slim jim tools are not widely used on these new cars, because there are more complex inner parts in the car door. While, for old car models, they are still work well, but you have to know how to use them in advance. 
How Does Slim Jim Tool Work?
Are you curious about how to insert the slim jim tool into your car window and unlock the lock quickly? The slim jim tool works simply, and you can master the skills through some practices. 
At first, you need to ensure the location of the locks and place the tool above it. Then, you can put a wedge between the weather stripping and the car window, the large space allows the slim jim tool enter easily. You should make sure that the wedge will not break the window in the process. 
You can line up the slim jim with the lock and jam it. Keeping inserting until you can see the upright lock is shaking inside the car. The shaking means you have find the right position. Then, you can use the hook on the end of tool to push against and pull it up. As you see the upright lock pop up, the car door will open. So easy!
How to Use the Slim Jim Tool to Open Cars
Before knowing how to use the slim jim tool, you need to know the basic mechanic about locks on the car door. When the upright lock is pulled up, a wire that links to the primary lock on the car door is yanks, then the car door opens. 
So, the key to opening cars with the slim jim tool is pulling on the wire in the car door. You need insert the slim jim tool into the car door and pull on the wire to open the lock. You don’t have to press the button inside the car to open the lock by you hand. The slim jim tool can make it without entering into the car. 
You may think that if someone can use this slim jim tool to open your car easily. Should we do something to protect the wire from pulling on by slim jim tool? Now, the new car models have different design of car door locks, which can avoid the slim jim tool.