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Teach you how to make your own cocktail at home

2022-07-26 09:01

Homemade Cocktail: Cocktail is a mixed drink, which is made by mixing two or more wines or beverages, juices, and sodas. nutritional value and appreciation value. Whether it is a large banquet or a family gathering, cocktails can add a lot of fun. Making your own cocktails at home can be tedious or simple.
First of all, prepare some simple bartending tools and master the basic methods of mixing cocktails: (1) Shake. (2) Stir. (3) Blend. (4) Build (1) Shake is also called shaking method or shaking method. The production process is to put ice cubes into the Cocktail Shaker first, then add the base wine, then add various accessories and ingredients, and then cover the mixing jug tightly, with both hands. (or with one hand) shake the pot vigorously for a while (usually 5-10s, and stop when the surface of the bartending pot is frosted). After shaking, immediately open the shaker and use the Strainer to remove the residual ice, pour the drink into the cocktail glass, and decorate it with suitable decorations to complete the product. It is worth noting that sparkling water should not be added to the shaker and shaken. (2) Stir. The mixing method is also called the stirring method. The production process is to first add ice cubes or crushed ice to the wine glass or Mixing Glass, then add the base wine and auxiliary materials, and gently stir in one direction with Swizzler or Bar Spoon to fully mix the various materials. Add decorations to embellish the finished product. Such as cocktails prepared in a mixing glass, it must also be filtered and poured into a suitable carrier glass, and then decorated. (3) Blend. The mixing process is to put crushed ice, base wine, auxiliary materials and ingredients into the electric Blender, start the mixer for about ten seconds, fully mix the various ingredients, pour them into a suitable carrier cup, and decorate them with decorations. (4) Build. The mixing process of the duihe method is to slowly pour the wine in the recipe into the wine glass along the bar or spoon one by one according to its density (sugar content), and then decorate it. The pairing method is mainly used to prepare various rainbow cocktails. When making, it is required that the wine and water are not mixed, the layers are clear, and the colors are gorgeous. The key to modulation is to be familiar with the density of various drinks. The drink with high density should be poured into the glass first, and the drink with low density should be added later.
If you think you have no problem, go to the next step to prepare the ingredients: There are many kinds of cocktails, mostly use rum, gin, tequila, vodka, whiskey, etc. as the base wine, and then mix with juice, milk, coffee, Sprite, Soda water, etc. as auxiliary raw materials.
To get started, make cocktails at home with Stir. The reasons are as follows: 1. Most of the blended cocktails do not have extremely high technical requirements, and many of them are even delicious as long as they are not too outrageous. For complex materials, a lot of preparation work will be avoided before mixing; 3. Start with simple things, with less initial investment, you can confirm that you are interested in adding other wines and utensils in the future. Early cocktails can start with simple cocktails, such as: Whiskey with Coke, Black Tea, Green Tea, Rum with Coke, Gin with Tonic, Tequila with Soda (Salt), Vodka with Orange Juice, Red Bull, etc.