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Two Easy Ways to Smoke a Cocktail at Home

2022-06-01 14:55

If you're a whisky cocktail lover, you'll probably order a smoky cocktail outside, but there are some easy ways to smoke a cocktail at home too. Some methods just require what you already have, while others require some special tools to add that lovely smoky aroma to the cocktail.
Why smoke a whisky cocktail?
First, let's talk about why smoke and whisky are a pair. Because bourbon, rye, and other American whiskeys are often aged in charred oak barrels, there is a flavor link between smoke and whiskey. When we think of the smell of smoke and the sensory connection associated with it, the smell of wood is often also associated with it. Typically, both bourbon and rye have a hint of oak aroma and flavor when aged in wooden barrels. This is especially true for whiskies aged in small casks or for a shorter period of time.
Two ways to smoke a cocktail at home
Method One
One of the benefits of drinking cocktails at home is that you can directly control the amount of smoke you add through the method of your choice. Sometimes the slightest smoke is enough. Other more strongly flavored cocktails, or cocktails that are very sweet or bitter, benefit from the added smoke to balance the overall cocktail. Let's take a look at four ways to smoke at home, in ascending order of the smoky flavor they add to a cocktail:
smoking/burning decorations
Smoking Cocktail Content - Known as Smoke Flush Cocktail
Using a Cocktail Bong - Cleaning Glasses and Cocktails with Smoke
Smoked Cocktail Glasses - Smoked Wine Glasses
I ordered it based on the amount of smoke added to my palate. Other sources online show that cigarettes in a wine glass taste less smoky than in cocktails. In my experience, this is not the case. Experiment to find the best smoke level for your liking.
Method Two
The easiest way to add a little smoky flavor to a cocktail is to light the garnish. It's easiest to use hard spices like cinnamon sticks, star anise, dried fruit, cloves, etc. In summer, burning woody herbs such as rosemary, lavender and thyme add to the aroma and a hint of smoky aromas of the vanilla itself. During the holidays, I bought a small clump of rosemary to keep at home so I could cut off the stems and light up cocktails. The aroma of rosemary pairs beautifully with gin and whiskey cocktails, and its woody stem is the perfect garnish for smoking cocktails. Here are the steps to use this technique:
Prepare your cocktail and pour it into a glass.
Next, light the garnish until it burns and starts to smoke.
Put out the fire and place the still smoking decoration on the rim of the glass.
Once served, guests can decide if they want to add garnish to the cocktail, adding some smoky and charred notes as the cocktail sits and infuses. Or, they can choose to put it on top of a cocktail glass so they can inhale the aroma with every sip. By the way, if you want to Buy Smoked Cocktail Kit, then is the best place for you, cheap, safe, fast and 24/7!