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What Should You Do When You Find Key Won't Turn in the Lock

2023-06-21 10:43

When people insert the key and expect to open the lock, they find that they can not turn the keys smoothly. Are there any problems on the keys or locks? They have to know the way to solve the problem and enter the room quickly. So, you can read this article to know the problems and solutions of keys won’t turn. 
Why Won’t You Key Turn in the Lock?
Key Won’t Turn Because You’re Using The Wrong Key
The Problem
This can happen more often than you expect, as any key that has the same profile can be inserted into a lock. You may even be able to open one lock with two different keys, but the wrong key will seem as though it needs extra effort each time you use it. This can happen organically as a result of copying a key too often. If a copy of a key is made off a copy, this can quickly make the new key different enough so the key won’t turn in the lock.
The Solution
Simplest and cheapest solution will be to get a new key. But if, for example, you need to make a new car key without the original, your options will be a bit limited and the price can inflate with every additional service needed. But no matter if it is car keys or door locks, if you lost your keys, you can also consider changing your locks. Changing your locks will ensure the need for new keys, but when money is your concern, those new keys can potentially be cheaper replacements.
Key Won’t Turn Because Lock is Jammed
The Problem
Sometimes you will hear a grinding noise when you try to turn a key in a lock that is dirty or rusted. Other than that, this issue can be extremely subtle. It may seem that the lock is broken, but you can test the issue quickly before taking on a more permanent solution.
Use some lubricant, sprayed in the keyway, then rake the key in and out of the lock. Turn the key a bit in each direction, then attempt to open the lock. Go through this process a few times before you give up and assume there is another issue.
The Solution
Though lubricating the lock will seem to solve the issue when a key won’t turn, this is only a temporary fix. In the case of oil-based lubricants, dust and dirt will be caught and attracted to this substance, and the problem will not go away, and in some cases, worsen.
With the proper cleaning, you can even repair antique locks to the point where they work like new. Simply disassemble the lock, clean the dirt thoroughly, use rust remover as needed, and dry and polish the metal so the problems do not return.
Key Won’t Turn Because Lock Has Worn Out or Broken
The Problem
This is one of the most difficult problems to diagnose because it requires every other issue to be understood and dismissed. Only when you have exhausted all other possibilities do you have to accept the fact that something about the lock has worn out or you have a broken lock.
The Solution
When there is something wrong with the lock, whether parts have worn down or broken, there will be a need for replacement. The replacement can be partial or full. A partial replacement of parts means that you need to know why the key won’t turn on a technical level. Unless all of the troublesome parts are replaced correctly, the key won’t turn even after servicing.
We have listed several situations that keys won’t turn in daily life. And you can take right solution according to the problems. And it is necessary for people to keep lock picking tools at home, because they are useful in the process of solving lock problems.