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What tools do you need to make cocktails, 8 tools you need to make cocktails

2022-08-16 10:02

Most people think that cocktails are very mysterious, but when you know about cocktails, you can make a variety of cocktails to your own taste at home, and you can also show off your hand at a gathering of friends. Here are 8 essential tools for making cocktails at home.
1. Measuring cup
The two ends of the measuring cup can respectively hold different volumes of liquid for measuring wine liquid. It is an essential tool especially for beginners. Common specifications are 1/2oz–1oz, 1oz–2oz, etc.
2, pounding stick
For mashing fruit or any other topping that needs to be broken up, and also for crushing large ice cubes.
3. Filter
The filter, as the name suggests, is used to filter out the liquor in the shaker. When using a french shaker and a Boston shaker, a filter is generally required. The ice filter is divided into with handle and without handle, non-slip and non-slip, domestic mostly with handle, commonly used to filter shakes and cocktails (used with shakers), stainless steel. The common specifications are: 2 heads and 4 heads. The difference is that the filter holes of the 2 heads are larger, which is suitable for making non-freshly squeezed juice drinks, and the filter holes of the 4 heads are smaller, which are suitable for making cocktails containing fresh juice or jam.
4. Ice clip
For gripping ice cubes.
5. Shaker
The shaker is almost a representative tool for cocktails, but not all cocktails need a shaker. Cocktails that need to be shaken usually include eggs, cream, liqueur, sweet juice, etc. Usually, raw milk liqueurs, sweet juices, etc. with lower density need to be shaken for about 15 seconds, while eggs, cream, etc. need to be shaken for about 25 seconds. There are three types of jugs:
Boston Shaker: Also known as the American Shaker. Divided into two parts, a metal base and a glass or plastic blending cup. The blender cup can be inserted into the bottom of the pot to shake. The Boston shaker needs a strainer to filter the wine, and some bartenders like to shake and gently open the bottom of the pot and the blending glass, and use the gap between the two to filter the wine. The Boston Shaker has a much larger capacity than a traditional English shaker, making it suitable for making large quantities of the same cocktail. Some Boston shakers also have recipe scales for common cocktails on their blending glasses, so that you can pour the raw liquor directly into the jug to save time.
French Shaker: Divided into two parts, a metal body and a metal lid. Therefore, the French shaker also needs a strainer to filter the wine.
Cobbler Shaker: Divided into three parts, the body, the cap with the strainer and a lid. Sometimes the lid can also be used to measure spirits, etc.
6. Bar spoon
A bar spoon is an essential tool for making cocktails. Mainly used for stirring and drainage. Also sometimes used to insert cherries and olives
7, wine mouth
Insert the mouth of the wine into the mouth of the wine bottle, you can control the amount of wine very well
8. Juicer
For juicing fresh oranges, lemons and limes.
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