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Why A Car Key Fob Will Not Unlock Car Doors and How to Solve the Problem

2023-07-26 08:54

Many people may encounter the situation that they can not unlock their car door by using the key fob. And they are prevented by the car door. There may be some problems between car doors and the key fob. You can read this article to know the exact reasons and how to solve the problem quickly. 
Normal Car Key Fob Problems
Battery Problems
If a car key fob will not unlock doors or open them and has lost all functionality, then there is a chance the battery has died. If just the car key unlock button is not working or functionality is only limited, you may still be facing battery problems.
A dying battery can work intermittently or have too weak of a signal to work for certain distances. On the other hand, the cause of a key fob not working at all can be a dead battery. Diagnosis is only really possible with a signal reader or by changing the battery.
To avoid key fob replacement and troubleshoot the problem when a key fob will not unlock doors, a battery change is a good place to start. Even if it does not solve your problem, it is good to have a spare key fob battery on hand for future testing.
Worn Buttons
One of the hallmarks of worn buttons is the key fob working inconsistently. For example, when a key fob will not unlock doors unless you press the button several times or with extreme pressure, this is probably your issue.
You may also find that certain buttons work and not others. So your remote start button is not working, or the car key fob will not unlock doors, but it will lock them. This limited or mixed malfunctioning is one of the clearest signs of worn key fob buttons.
Visible damage or wear is a good indicator of this issue. In the most extreme cases, one or more buttons may have come off entirely. This damage does not necessarily require you to replace your car remote, though that is a simple solution.
Normal Car Door Locks Problems
When the car door lock assembly is blocked, there will be no way to manipulate the door open. Even pulling on post locks or and using manual interior lock stitches will not work. This can cause a car door lock stuck in the locked position, so the key fob will not unlock doors.
Unlike problems native to the fob, when you have a blockage, the car door won’t open from inside or outside. Something unrelated to the lock assembly but still within the door may be preventing the lock hardware from moving.
Other than unrelated parts coming loose and clogging up the works, you could be dealing with rust. Many of the pieces in modern car door lock assemblies are plastic, but connection points may still use metal, which could be causing things to jam.
Disconnected Parts
Parts of the assembly can detach or break, so a key fob will not unlock doors even as it seems to control the door locks. It is often possible to hear your door lock assembly shift after a successful unlocking signal is sent from your fob. But in this case, the door will still not unlock.
You may still be able to pull or push interior lock actuators and feel no resistance with switches, but the door will still not unlock. Use every method of entry when your car key fob will not unlock doors, and see if all connections are still intact.
The cost to replace your car door lock will vary depending on the extent of the damage. You will likely need partial replacement of parts. In some cases, this can require the purchase of the full lock assembly, but it could be as simple as snapping a part back in or replacing a screw.
When you are going to fix the car key fob and car door lock problems, you can take this guidance into account. We think that it will help you a lot in the process of solving problems. And you can prepare the car locksmith tools at home and learn to fix car door lock problems by yourself.