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Why Do People Like Installing A Keypad Door Lock

2023-11-01 09:16

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to install a keypad door lock instead of normal lock. They think that they don’t carry keys in their pocket or bag and avoid the loss of keys in daily life. And do you want to know more information about a keypad door lock? Just read this article.
Electric and Mechanical Keypad Door Locks
If you want to install a keypad door lock, you need to choose whether or not the device will be electronic or use a manual mechanical keypad. Electronic locks utilize an energy source, whereas mechanical keypad door locks are energy independent, functioning much like a traditional door lock.
The pros and cons vary depending on whether the lock is digital or analog, with the main difference being that the electronics offer convenience and the mechanical offer durability. If you want to make a lock work with multiple codes and easily reprogram the device, electronic locks are best. If you want a lock that will continue to work under harsh weather and repetitive use, install a keypad door lock that is mechanical.
If you install a keypad door lock with electronic functionality, you are likely to run into the issue that caused cell phone manufacturers to move toward touchscreen technology. That is to say, the buttons on electronics tend to wear out or lose their connections. Install a keypad door lock that is purely mechanical, and the device will last longer for the same reason a mechanical watch lasts so long.
With the modern technology of electronic locks, you will not have to worry about disassembling and re-installing the keypad door lock every time the code is changed. Changing codes is simple, and it is even possible to make multiple codes work on the same lock. This same convenience is not available when you install a keypad door lock with purely mechanical components.
Advantages of Installing Keypad Door Locks
There are many reasons it may behoove you to install a keypad door lock. These positive qualities should be available in the best keypad door locks, but may not be present in every single keypad door lock. How much you get out of these positive attributes will also depend on the style of keypad door lock you choose (electronic or mechanical).
Changing Access
When a property is constantly changing which service technicians need access to a specific area or the tenants, you want to avoid the hassle of always rekeying or replacing locks. When you install keypad door locks, you allow for easier access changes without the need for new keys, new locks, or new pins. Everything you need to change access is within the lock.
Along with changing who has access, you can also easily make multiple locks work with the same code. Unlike rekeying several locks to work with a single key, keypad door locks do not need to be the same brand to use the same code. Once you become familiar with changing these codes the process will become quick and easy.
If you are using several mechanical locks, you may wish to hire a locksmith to handle the code change due to the required disassembly and reassembly of each lock. Often this service will fall into the price to rekey a lock but may lean toward the higher end of the price range depending on the lock.
Keyless Options 
Cutting new keys, passing out keys, and storing keys all create their own problems. Besides the time it takes to deal with keys, you also have to worry about lost keys, broken keys, and getting keys back once you need to change access. Install a keypad door lock and you don’t have to worry about keys anymore.
Each key you put out into the world creates the opportunity for a duplicate to be made. Even with “DO NOT DUPLICATE” stamped on the key, a self-serve key machine has no way to enforce the order. Not a concern when you install a keypad door lock. Every time access is revoked just change the code and move on.
Having no key does have the potential to make a property more secure. If you are looking for unpickable locks, there is nothing more unpickable than a lock with no keyway. Of course, there may be other security concerns for your particular lock, but you will not have to worry about locking picking as an exploit.
Are you going to install a keypad door lock on your home door? You can read this article and learn more information about it. It is also a good idea for you to keep lock picking kit at home, which help you solve normal lock problems quickly.