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Why Do You Need Change Locks for Security

2023-09-27 09:06

People may know it is time to change locks when they are broken. While, there are also other moments in your life where environment changes. So, we are going to list several circumstances that you need change locks for security.
There is no set time frame for reliably changing locks. You can wait until an event prompts a lock change or until the lock begins to lose functionality. In most cases, one’s lifestyle will not create a schedule for changing locks. But there are abrupt changes or unique situations that should elicit lock changes. If you ever feel that your locks are not able to keep you safe, change them.
Reasons that You Need Change Locks for Security
Lost Keys
If you know where you lost your keys, and they are gone for good in an area where even if they were found, they could never be tied back to you, you do not need to change locks when you lost your keys. It is when you cannot find a hidden key, or you strongly suspect your keys have been stolen, that you must change your locks.
Of course, start by trying to find your lost keys before settling on the presumption that they have been taken or lost in a vulnerable location where the finder can put together what lock to use them on. Once you are sure that your keys are lost, and there is a strong chance the finder of the keys knows what lock they pair to, change all affected locks.
Moving in New Area
It is always advisable to change the locks on your new home so that you do not need to worry about all of the existing spare keys. Not just that the past owner might have, but that the past owner may have lent out over the years. There is no way to know the history of a home’s security, so do not carry over any of the past vulnerabilities.
You cannot rely on the word of the homeowner, because they may not be aware of certain threats. For example, the realtor will have likely made spare keys to show the home, take photos, stage, etc. If any of the renovation crews needed access to the home, they would also need keys. So should you change locks when you buy a home? Yes. Consider it one of your moving costs.
Changing Tenants 
Even if you aren’t moving in, someone might be moving out. Renters who are leaving a property may turn in their keys, but that does not mean they are giving you every copy they have made. Even if you have “do not duplicate” stamps on your keys, this is not enough to ensure no copies were made. Most hardware stores have self-serve key cutting machines, which will copy anything as long as the machine has an available blank.
Certain high-security door locks will use patented keys that cannot be easily copied, but because they were a resident and had access to a working key, it is possible to get duplicates. As a landlord, you want to limit your liability and do what you can to protect your tenant, their property, and your property. If you are a tenant, ask about changing locks on your apartment after a roommate moves out.
One of the most important steps to take after a burglary is to change your locks. This should be done to both increase security and access. Many people don’t know this but houses that have been burglarized are likely to be targeted again. This is because news of easy targets spreads quickly through the small circles of career criminals.
Once your home is broken into, home burglary statistics go out the window, the chance of repeated victimization skyrockets. Get better locks, and make sure your home cannot be broken into in the same way. Most criminals are lazy, and if you can get a good baseline of security, they will leave your property be. But you must demonstrate your intention to protect your home after a burglary.
You can consider your conditions to decide if you need change your door lock. And you can also buy lock picking tools at home and learn lockpicking skill. It will help you solve lock problems when your keys are lost.