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7.5MM Tubular Lock Pick Tool with 7 Pin Transparent Tubular Lock

10 reviews

$ 35.99

    7.5MM Tubular Lock Pick: The tubular pick tool is just push the button and pump the barrel to reset the pick. This tubular lock pick set is a budget set for anyone who’s interested in Lock Sport and Lock Picking. It's also a premium Lock pick set for locksmiths.
    7 Pin Transparent Tubular Lock: This 7 Pin Tubular Practice Lock is made of visible transparent plastic, and was designed for training use to help locksmith beginners learn to open tubular locks by manipulation. This 7-pin tubular lock is configured with standard pins.

    Package includes:
    1× Tubular Lock Pick (7.5 mm)
    1× Transparent Plum Lock (7 Pin)
7.5MM Tubular Lock Pick Set with 7 Pin Transparent Tubular Lock
Quick Reset button
Aluminum handle
Stainless steel barrel
Spring steel feelers

7 Pin Tubular Lock Pick Set is a budget set for anyone who’s interested in Lock Sport and Lock Picking. It’s also a premium pick set for locksmiths. Quick Reset button for Tubular pick words on 7-pin locks including the small bore size.

The visible tubular lock pick is an ideal tool for learning, you can easily see-through the movement of the pins when you’re picking a tubular lock.

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  • BMW Jim
    22 Apr 2024
    Good replacement lock for safe

    It has a smooth action with the key. It seems well made.

  • Mike Manderson
    10 Apr 2024
    Good value for the money

    Very good quality for the price. Easy to install. Works smoothly. Had to add a screw and nut on the end of the lock tab to take up space for a tight fit. Some other locks I looked at offer the straight and an offset lock tab.

  • Paul W.
    19 Jun 2023
    good product

    This 7.5MM tubular lock pick tool is a valuable addition to my lockpicking toolkit. It's durable and provides excellent feedback while picking.

  • Simseyuk
    13 May 2023
    nice tool

    I highly recommend this tubular lock pick tool. The 7.5MM size is versatile, and the transparent lock is a valuable training tool for beginners.

  • marko
    19 Apr 2023
    good pick set

    This tubular lock pick tool is fantastic! The 7.5MM size is perfect for most tubular locks, and the transparent lock provides a great learning experience.

  • Johnny
    08 Mar 2023
    useful tubular pick

    This 7.5mm tubular lock pick is a good tool for picking tubular locks. The practice lock is also a good tool for me to learn how to pick it.

  • Tipu Sultan
    10 Feb 2023
    good tubular pick

    This tubular lock pick is comfortable to hold and easy to use for picking tubular locks. Practice lock is a good tool as well.

  • Shaun Doncaster
    09 Jan 2023
    great value

    I like this tubular pick tool. This tool with blue handle is easy to hold when I start pick tubular locks. Good pick tool.

    17 Dec 2022
    nice tubular lock pick set

    I am attracted by the blue handle of this tubular lock pick tools. The handle is comfortable to hold when I am picking  tubular locks. By the way, the practice tubular lock is good as well.

  • Billieanne
    19 Nov 2022
    value for money

    This tubular lock pick is strong and stable to hold when picking tubular locks. Good tubular pick for me.