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27 Pieces Lock Picking Kit Includes 3 Transparent Practice Locks and 5 Pieces Credit Card Lock Pick Set, Lockpicking Tools for Beginners and Professional Locksmiths

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$ 21.99

    Professional Kit: This lock kit contains everything you need to become a professional locksmith, including 12 Lock Picks, 3 Transparent Practice Locks with Keys, 5 Tension Wrenches, 5 Pieces Credit Card Lock Pick Set, 1 Black Leather Bag and 1 User Guide.
    Transparent Lock Design: Know exactly what your are doing during lock picking with the transparent padlock. See clearly how the mechanism works. It gives you indications for the techniques required for lock picking. Great for beginners and to learn lock picking!
    High-quality & Safe: All picks are made of smooth and high quality stainless steel for a long time using, which will perfectly protect your finger from scratched. The handle is made of soft plastic which will let you feel comfort when you hold the tool.
    Flexible Application: Different lock picking tools are enough to try different types of locks. Such as bicycle locks, houses, living room and room doors, padlocks, file cabinets and drawer locks.

    Credit Card Lock Pick Set: This ultra-lightweight credit card lock picking set holds the 5 most important lock picking tools at an arm's reach. Formed of sturdy and anti-rust stainless steel which has smooth working condition for repetitive practice. It discreetly fits in your wallet or pocket, so you can carry it anywhere!
27 Piece Lock Picking Set for Beginners and Professional Locksmiths Training
Multifunctional Lock Pick Set: The 27-Piece Lock Pick Set is perfect for new beginners, locksmiths, and amateurs.This multifunctional set can improve your hands-on ability on Lockpicking.

This 27 pieces lock pick set contains different accessories for beginners or locksmiths. Lockpicking beginners can use it to learn how to pick with transparent lock. Locksmiths can select the right picks to pick related locks and finish their lockpicking job quickly.

The 27-Piece Lock Pick Set includes everything you need for Lock Pick Training:
17 Pieces Lock Pick Set, including 12 Lock Pick Tools and 5 Tension Wrenches
3 Transparent Training Locks with Keys
5 Pieces Credit Card Lock Pick Set
1 Leather Bag for Carrying
1 User Manual of the Lock Set
How Lock Pick Tools Work in 27 Pieces Lock Picking Set

A Pick for Every Lock

This lock picking set includes every pick you could ever ask for. With all this wide variety, you’ll be ready for any lock that comes your way.

Learn to Use Transparent Locks 

Understanding how locks work is essential before picking one. "Peek" inside the lock mechanism and see how everything works with our transparent padlock. It won't be long before you feel that incredible satisfaction as you pop it open before your eyes!

Use the Right Tool for Lockpicking

The Key to Lockpicking is using the right tool at first. You can try to experiment different tools in the lock pick set and familiar with the function of each tool. Then, you will be good at lockpicking through repeated practice.

Credit Card Lock Pick Set
Portable Credit Card Designed Case: This well-designed credit card case is compact and small size, which is easy to carry and use. Although it includes five different pick tools, it is so lightweight in your pocket.
5 Stainless Steel Lock Pick Tools: They are Small Half Diamond Pick, Short Hook Pick, Snake Rake Pick, Single Sided Pick, Flat Tension Tool. All of them are made of rugged stainless steel with smooth working conditions for repeatable practice.

4 Training Levels - Progress from Level 1 to Level 4 with Transparent Practice Locks

Level 1: Padlock

If you're a beginner, this transparent padlock is the best place to start. Designed specifically to help you understand how locks work, it will cut your training time in half!

Level 2-3: Double-Sided Lock

The 2-in-1 door lock offers a double challenge. One side is harder than the other. With a similar design to most door locks, you'll no longer need a locksmith in case of emergency!

Level 4: Rim Cylinder Lock

Advance your lockpicking skills by practising on different types of locks. Most challenging of the 3, the rim cylinder lock will test your abilities. Open it and earn the right to call yourself a pro!


YOU'RE REVIEWING: 27 Pieces Lock Picking Kit Includes 3 Transparent Practice Locks and 5 Pieces Credit Card Lock Pick Set, Lockpicking Tools for Beginners and Professional Locksmiths


  • Gary D.
    21 Feb 2024
    Popular choice

    Great value for money. The practice locks are sturdy, and the credit card pick set is surprisingly effective. It's a must-have for anyone interested in learning lock picking.

  • sami abdulghani
    13 Feb 2024
    durable lock picks

    This lock picking kit is fantastic! I'm a beginner, and the transparent practice locks really helped me understand the mechanics. The credit card lock pick set is a neat addition too. Highly recommended!

  • Chris theocharides
    07 Feb 2024
    nice product

    This kit is a blast for lock picking enthusiasts. The transparent practice locks add a fun and educational element. The tools are high-quality, and the variety keeps things interesting. Highly recommended for hobbyists.

  • Markeith
    27 Jan 2024
    Pleased with product

    I'm a locksmith, and I've incorporated this kit into my training sessions. The transparent practice locks are a brilliant teaching aid, and the tools are durable. It's become an essential part of my training toolkit.

  • Branb
    16 Jan 2024
    Easy to use

    I use this kit for training my security team, and it's been fantastic. The transparent practice locks allow us to simulate real-world scenarios, and the tools are reliable. It's an excellent training tool for security professionals.

  • Jones
    04 Jan 2024
    efficient lock picks kit

    This kit is a must-have for anyone learning to pick locks. The transparent practice locks are incredibly helpful, and the tools are well-crafted. It's a great investment for beginners looking to build their skills.

  • MarcFan
    24 Dec 2023
    nice lock picking tools

    I bought this kit for my teenage son who's interested in lock picking. The transparent practice locks make it a safe and educational experience. The tools are sturdy, and the variety is perfect for learning.

  • Stujg
    16 Dec 2023
    high quality lock pick kit

    I'm an avid hobbyist, and this kit is fantastic for honing my lock picking skills. The transparent practice locks are a cool touch, and the tools are precise. It's a comprehensive set for anyone serious about lock picking.

  • Ubik
    04 Dec 2023
    good value

    This kit is a fantastic way to learn lock picking. The transparent practice locks are a stroke of genius. It's like having X-ray vision into the lock. The tools are well-made and provide a great hands-on experience.

  • James
    26 Nov 2023
    useful lock pick kit

    As a locksmith in training, I can't recommend this kit enough. The transparent practice locks are invaluable for getting a real feel for pin positions. The tools are durable, and the variety is excellent for different lock types.