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2 Pieces Folding Lock Pick Set, Picks and Hooks Tool

13 reviews

$ 15.99

    2 Pieces Folding Lock Pick Set: The set is a jackknife style lock pick tools. The set has 2 styles, one comes with basic lock entry tools plus Y tension wrench, another one comes with basic hook picks plus a turning tool.
    High Quality Material: Wrenches and picks are made of high quality and smooth stainless steel, which is strong and durable and perfectly protects your fingers from scratching.
    Useful and Portable Jackknife Picks: Portable & Convenient Keychain Cutout Hole, Durable, useful and portable for locksmiths or beginners. You can pick the right tool for any emergency situation. 
2 Pieces Folding Lock Pick Set, Picks and Hooks Tool with Y Tension Wrench and Turning Tool
Picks folding design, convenient to use. Different pick tools, meet different repairing needs.
Wonderful for hook style and scissors style locks. The hook picks tools can be used to lockpick dimple locks.
The lock pick set is very portable, very easy to carry, made of 100% high quality steel. And the set is very durable in using.
Perfect lock opener kit for professional and amateur.
This folding lock pick set is very perfect for locksmiths to enhance the professional skills.

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  • Anna Randle
    18 Aug 2023
    useful tools

    I'm amazed by the effectiveness of this folding lock pick set. The picks and hooks are versatile, and the folding design adds a layer of convenience that I didn't know I needed.

  • Miggy Holic
    06 Aug 2023
    portable lock picks

    The 2 pieces folding lock pick set is incredibly handy. The compact design makes it perfect for carrying in my pocket, and the quality of the picks and hooks is impressive.

  • G. Lendrum
    28 Jul 2023
    nice tools

    This folding lock pick set is a lifesaver for someone like me who's prone to lockouts. The picks and hooks are well-made, and the folding mechanism makes it easy to carry everywhere.

  • Roscov
    19 Jul 2023

    The folding lock pick set is a must-have for my lock picking toolkit. It's sturdy, compact, and the picks are precise.

  • Jimbob
    09 Jul 2023
    Durable lock pick set

    Compact and versatile set. Fits easily in my pocket and has helped me out of lockout situations multiple times.

  • Ray Reeve
    27 Jun 2023
    Value for money

    Convenient and portable. I can take this set anywhere and it has never let me down when I needed to open a lock.

  • Mark
    17 Jun 2023
    useful pick tool

    A reliable companion for any locksmith. The picks and hooks in this set are well-made and have a comfortable grip.

  • H. Prude
    27 May 2023
    good tool

    Great for beginners and experienced lock pickers alike. This set has a good variety of picks and hooks for different locks.

  • Brenton Marshall
    22 May 2023

    I appreciate the quality craftsmanship of this lock pick set. The folding mechanism is smooth and the picks are reliable.

  • Duncan
    16 May 2023
    useful lock pick

    This set is perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike. It offers versatility and the picks and hooks are easy to use.