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22 Pieces Lock Pick Kit Includes 3 Pieces Training Locks with Black Cover, Lockpicking Tools for Beginner and Locksmith

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    22 Pieces Lock Pick Kit: This lock pick kit includes everything you need for Lock picking. It contains 12 pieces stainless steel lock picking kit, Y-wrenches, 5 Pieces Tension Wrenches, 1 broken key, 3 transparent training locks with black covers and black storage bag. With the help of this lock pick kit, you will be trained from beginner to professional in a short time.
    Learn Lock Picking: The transparent lock is designed so that you can clearly see the inner workings of the mechanism while using the lockpick tools to open the lock, which helps you learn lock pick technology. For a more realistic experience, you can put a black rubber sleeve on the transparent lock and practice lock picking it by sound and feel alone, which is another dimension of fun and experience.
    Improve Lock-Picking Skill: Know exactly what your are doing during lock picking with the transparent lock. This extensive kit includes everything you need to start practising and expanding your lockpicking abilities. Advance from beginner to pro in no time.
22 Pieces Lock Pick Kit Includes 3 Pieces Training Locks with Black Cover
A fascinating unlocking experience
Lock picking is the skill of security professionals and hobbyists.
Lock picking is a non-destructive way to open a lock without using the original key. In other words, to mimic the key by using something other than the key.
One of the great joys of lock picking is collecting different lock picks and trying out new pick profiles. You never know which picks will be your favorites!
We also added a broken key removal tool to help you avoid these common and costly accidents The tools in this package allow you to choose from several options. You can choose the most suitable tool according to the type of lock.

Package Includes:
12x lock picks, 5x tension wrenches, 1 Y-wrench, 1 black storage bag
1x broken key
1x padlock 
1x pin cylinder lock 
1x double-side cylinder lock 
3x black covers
Main Accessories in Lock Pick Kit
A Tension Wrench: Also called a torque wrench, this tool is a thin piece of metal with flared ends. It is L-shaped or Z-shaped, where the diagonal line of the Z is straight. It is inserted into the plug (the part of the lock that turns) to apply tension to it.
A Hook: These generally have a hand that narrows to a thin, pointed piece of metal that curves slightly at its end. The hook manipulates the inner parts (pins) of the lock mechanism.
A Rake: These are picks with many ridges, Some of them may have a triangular point on the end or be rounded. These are scraped across the inside of the lock mechanism (pins) to disengage it.
Multiple Lockpicking Levels

Level 1: Padlock

The transparent lock is absolutely the first lock you should ever consider getting as a beginning lock picker. It have comprehensible tolerances meaning finding and setting binding pins is especially easy. However, it will lay an important foundation for each method to be built upon.

Level 2: Cylinder Lock

The lock utilizes a rotating cylinder drives, the door frame can't be retracted until the locking cylinder rotated once again. It is much more resilient to brute force attacks and are impervious to shimming. You can test the security of your deadbolt through learning lock picking.

Level 3-4: Double-side Lock

This 2-in-1 door lick offers a double challenge, one side is harder than the other. But this shape of keyhole is the elementary level inside the double-sided lock, but more difficult than padlocks. You can think of this as a cornerstone for exploring Double-side locks.

Black Lock Cover

We also provide 3 black lock covers. If you have more experience with transparent closures after practicing, you can cover the transparent locks with the black covers to make it more difficult.

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