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HON66 Car Strong Force Power Key, Auto Picks, Locksmith Tools for Car

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    HON66 Car Strong Force Power Key is a destructive and consumables tool. Although this tool is made of special stainless steel, we cannot promise it can be used forever. It is only an emergency assistant tool for locksmith.
    Used for Car Models:
    Honda, Acura 
HON66 Car Strong Force Power Key, Auto Pick
HON66 Car Strong Force Power Key is a specialized tool used by automotive locksmiths to pick and decode locks on Honda and Acura vehicles that use the HON66 keyway.
The tool is designed to manipulate the pins inside the lock, allowing the locksmith to unlock the vehicle without the need for the original key. The HON66 Auto Pick is a delicate tool that requires skill and experience to use effectively, as it must be used with precision to avoid damaging the lock or the vehicle.
Overall, the HON66 Auto Pick is a valuable tool for automotive locksmiths who work on Honda and Acura vehicles and need to gain access to a vehicle when the key is lost or the lock is damaged. It can save time and money by providing an alternative to more destructive entry methods, such as drilling or cutting the lock. 

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  • Vinnie Graves
    26 Jun 2023
    good power key

    Quality tool for DIY enthusiasts. Saves on locksmith fees.

  • Patrick O.
    12 Jun 2023
    useful key

    Powerful key for Honda locks. Highly recommended.

  • Daniel Stevenson Sutton
    24 May 2023
    nice key

    I'm impressed by the quality of the HON66 power key. It's well-designed, easy to grip, and opens Honda locks effortlessly. A reliable tool for any Honda owner.

  • Samantha Burt
    13 May 2023
    good power key

    Sturdy and dependable. Opens every Honda lock I've encountered.

  • brianna
    21 Apr 2023
    good value

    The HON66 power key is a must-have for DIY car enthusiasts. It gives you the power to unlock Honda locks on your own, saving you from expensive locksmith fees.

  • Monty
    09 Mar 2023
    good tool

    The HON66 power key is a fantastic tool for Honda owners. It's well-built, provides excellent leverage, and makes unlocking my car a quick and effortless task.

  • Amudha
    17 Feb 2023
    quality product

    I'm very happy with my purchase of the HON66 car strong force power key. It's a great tool to have in my kit as a locksmith.

  • Richard Owen
    09 Jan 2023
    useful key

    The key is also great for anyone looking to save time when opening car doors. It's a real time-saver.