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Jackknife Pocket Lock Pick Set, Portable Folding Lockpick Tool

49 reviews

$ 11.99

    The Jackknife Lock Pick Tool includes: 6 tools and 1 built in removable tension.
    Jackknife Lock Pick Set: This Lock Pick Set is designed for portability, quality and function in one sleek, self-contained tool.
    Comfortable Handles: The Jackknife Lock Pick Set features a lightweight and durable precision-machined stainless steel handle. Our new handles, been run through our signature finishing process for rounded, smooth edges.
    Locking O-ring: This Jackknife Lock Pick Set features U.S. stainless steel lock picks, knurled stainless steel screw with locking o-ring, and a stainless tension tool, which slides into the handle for a sleek, compact fit.
    Learn to pop your first lock! Discover the mechanisms in everyday objects, a great tool for the practically minded!
Jackknife Pocket Lock Pick Set, 7-in-1 Locksmith Kit
Stainless Steel Material, 7 in 1 folding design, convenient to use.
7 different pick tools, meet different repairing needs. Perfect lock opener kit for professional and amateur.
This lock opener kit is very perfect for locksmith to enhance the professional skills in emergency situation.

The Jackknife Folding Lock Pick Set includes:
Half Diamond Pick
Half Single Ball Pick
Snake Rake Pick
Long Hook Pick
Short Hook Pick
Rapter Pick
Thick Tension Wrench
Also includes a stainless steel screw.
Advantages of Jackknife Pocket Locksmith Tool

Lightweight Stainless Steel Handle

The lightweight handle of Jackknife Lock Pick Set allows you to pick a lock without stress. The handle is also strong and stable.

Thick Tension Wrench 

The extra thick tension wrench will help you a lot when you are facing the difficult lock to pick in emergency situation.

Portable Locksmith Tool for Any Lock

With this portable locksmith tool, you have access to lockpick any locks if you have mastered relevant Locksmith skills.


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  • Charlotte
    26 Feb 2024
    Popular choice

    I'm not a professional locksmith, but I enjoy tinkering with locks as a hobby. This Jackknife Pocket Lock Pick Set is perfect for me. It's compact, well-made, and allows me to work on locks wherever I go.

  • Helen osborne
    17 Feb 2024
    Trusted brand

    I purchased this set as a gift for my husband, who's always been fascinated by lockpicking. He absolutely loves it! He says it's one of the best gifts he's ever received and has been having a blast practicing with it.

  • Julie Robinson
    03 Feb 2024
    Premium quality

    I've tried other lock pick sets before, but this one is by far the best. The folding design is genius, and it's so easy to carry around. Plus, the picks themselves are high-quality and provide excellent feedback when picking locks.

  • Lola
    21 Jan 2024
    Highly recommended

    Not only is this set incredibly useful, but it's also well-made. The stainless steel construction feels solid, and the picks themselves are precision-engineered. Definitely a must-have for anyone interested in lockpicking.

  • alison lyons
    15 Jan 2024
    Customer favorite

    I travel a lot for work, and this lock pick set has come in handy more times than I can count. It's discreet, durable, and gets the job done. I feel much more secure knowing I have it with me.

  • Danuta
    07 Jan 2024

    I bought this set for recreational purposes, and it's been a lot of fun learning how to pick locks. The Jackknife design is very clever and makes it easy to carry around. Great product for beginners!

  • C Richards
    26 Dec 2023

    As a locksmith, I need tools that are reliable and portable. This Jackknife Lock Pick Set is just perfect for my needs. The build quality is excellent, and it's incredibly easy to use. Definitely worth the investment.

  • Jacky
    17 Dec 2023
    Ergonomic design

    Compact and efficient! I've used this set multiple times now, and it has never let me down. Fits perfectly in my pocket for those unexpected situations. Highly recommend!

  • Patricia Fagan
    04 Dec 2023

    I've used various lock pick sets, but this one has a special place in my collection. The folding feature is practical, and the picks are precise. It's a top-notch tool for lock enthusiasts.

  • Shu
    24 Nov 2023
    Trusted brand

    This tool has exceeded my expectations. It's well-crafted, and the folding design makes it highly portable. Whether you're a pro or a hobbyist, it's a worthwhile addition to your kit.