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Lishi MAZ24 2-in-1 Pick and Decoder Tool, Locksmith Auto Tool for Mazda

6 reviews

$ 36.99

    Lishi MAZ24 Pick and Decoder Tool is a stainless steel automatic unlocking tool that is designed to pick and decode auto door locks. Locksmiths can use Lishi MAZ24 to unlock Mazda car door locks easily.

    Type: 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder Tool
    Keyway: MAZ24R
    Cross Reference: X249, MZ31, MZ27, MAZ34, MZ24, MAZ24, MZ34
    For: Door, Trunk
    Tool Spaces: 3-10
    Anti-Glare: Yes
Lishi MAZ24 Auto Pick Tool is a very powerful tool for locksmiths to lockpick Mazda car door locks. Allows the precision of pick placement and movement without the practice and building of muscle memory. Each Lishi locksmith tool combines a keyway-specific molded pick channel, along with a single hook-pick lever, tension bar.
Applicable Type of Vehicles:
121 (1997 To 2001)
Mazda 2 (2002 To 2007)
Mazda 323 (1990 To 2000)
Mazda 5 (From 2006)
Mazda 6 (From 2002)
Mazda 626 (1992 To 2003)
Mazda 8 (From 2005)
Mazda 929 (1992 To 1997)
Astina (1990 To 2000)
Autozam (1990 To 2002)
B Series Pick Up (1999 Onwards)
Bravo Pick Up (1999 Onwards)
Capella (1997 To 2000)
Cronos (1992 To 2001)
Mazda CX7 (From 2007)
Demio (1991 Onwards)
Etude (1995 To 2000)
Eunos (1991 To 2000)
Familia (1990 To 2000)
Lantis (1995 To 2000)
Miata (1989 To 2005)
MPV Van (1989 Onwards)
MX3 (1990 To 1998)
MX5 (1989 To 2005)
MX6 (1993 Onwards)
Mystere (1993 To 2000)
Precidia (1991 To 2000)
Premacy (1999 Onwards)
Protege (1990 To 2004)
RX7 (1993 To 2000)
RX8 (2004 Onwards)
Savana (1992 To 2000)
Sentia (1992 To 1995)
T Series Truck (1990 To 2000)
Titan Truck (1990 To 2000)
Xedos 6 (1995 Onwards)
Mazda Japan:
Demio (2003)
Mazda USA:
Mazda 3 (2004 To 2007)
Mazda 5 (2005 To 2007)
Mazda 6 (2003 Onwards)
626 (1998 To 2002)
CX7 (2007 Onwards)
CX9 (2007 Onwards
Miata (2000 Onwards)
MPV (2000 To 2005)
RX8 (2004 Onwards)

YOU'RE REVIEWING: Lishi MAZ24 2-in-1 Pick and Decoder Tool, Locksmith Auto Tool for Mazda


  • Saugata Chatterjee
    17 Mar 2023
    useful pick tool

    Lishi maz24 pick and decoder tool is well-made. It is strong  and durable to use for picking car locks.

  • Thomas
    09 Feb 2023
    good lishi pick tool

    This lishi maz24 pick and decoder tool is really helpful when I am going to pick my car door lock. I am depressed that I lost the car key outside.

  • Reunik
    16 Jan 2023
    good quality

    This lishi maz24 pick and decoder tool is made of good stainless steel. It is strong and durable to use when I pick car locks.

  • Steven Broad
    17 Dec 2022
    value for money

    I like this lishi maz24 pick and decoder tool, it helps me a lot in the process of picking my Mazda car door lock.

  • Neil
    12 Nov 2022
    good product

    When you understand the entry shapes and use the correct Lishi you will be amazed. Took me a short training phase and a bit of research on finding the right lock to practice on then it was all go. 

  • Edward Kelly
    08 Oct 2022
    nice lishi maz24 pick tool

    Thanks to the lishi maz24 pick tool, I can open my mazda car lock without calling for locksmiths.