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Lishi SC4 2 in 1 Pick Decoder Locksmith Tool for SC, 6 Pin Keyway Locks

7 reviews

$ 52.99

    Lishi SC4 2-in-1 Locksmith Tool: It is a stainless steel automatic unlocking tool that is designed to pick and decode residential door locks.
    For 6 Pin Schlage Locks: Revolutionary design, pick and decode SC4 6-pin, and picks locks with spool pins.
    Premium Stainless Steel Material: Lishi Lock Pick is made of quality stainless steel. Wear-resistant, anti-scratch, you can use it for a long time.
    Clear Tooth Line and Tooth Depth Line: The tooth depth lines and tooth lines in Lishi Lock Pick will help you decode easily and accurately.
Lishi SC4 2-in-1 Pick Decoder Locksmith Tool for 6 Pin Schlage Locks
The Lishi SC4 Pick Decoder Locksmith Tool is a stainless steel automatic unlocking tool that used to pick and decode 6-pin schlage locks or pick locks with spool pins.

Type: SC4 2-in-1 Pick & Decoder Tool
Keyway: SC4 / 6-Cut
Cross Reference: S5, 1145A, SEL91
For: Residential Door
Tool Spaces: 1-6
Anti-Glare: Yes

YOU'RE REVIEWING: Lishi SC4 2 in 1 Pick Decoder Locksmith Tool for SC, 6 Pin Keyway Locks


  • Trevor Field
    14 Mar 2023
    value for money

    I am looking for useful lishi pick tools for home door lockpicking. This lishi sc4 is the best choice for me. The price is so cheap as well.

  • Alex
    13 Feb 2023
    good lishi pick

    I add this lishi sc4 pick tool to my locksmith pick tool. It has become my favorite home door lockpicking tool.

  • NjGriffin
    14 Jan 2023
    good quality lishi pick tool

    The lishi sc4 tool is really good pick tool for home door lock picking. It is made of good stainless steel. Good quality pick tool. 

  • Pamela
    13 Dec 2022
    good lishi pick tool

    Lishi SC4 lock pick tool is a good tool for me, I can use this tool to pick my 6 pin locks at home. Very useful. 

  • Dave
    08 Nov 2022
    strong lishi SC4 pick tool

    When I receive the lishi sc4 pick tool, I use it to pick my lock. It is quite easy to pick the locks as I figure out how to use it.

  • Ahmed Algarni
    22 Oct 2022
    good lishi sc4 pick tool

    This lishi sc4 pick tool is made of good material. I can use it to pick the 6 pin keyway locks. A useful pick tool for me.

  • Lynn Boyd
    28 Sep 2022
    Useful lishi sc4 pick tool

    I am happy to get lishi sc4 pick tool, this tool are made of good material. It is easy to control in the process of lockpicking. It is also suitable for the 6 pin keyway locks.