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Lishi SS002 2-in-1 Pick and Decoder Tool, Locksmith Tool for S-Groove Door Lock

6 reviews

$ 32.99

    Lishi SS002 Pick and Decoder Tool is a reading and pick tool for civil door locks. Mainly used for frequently encounteredfire door, which can be opened and read by positioning.
Lishi SS002 2-in-1 Pick and Decoder Tool For S-Groove Door Locks
Lishi SS002 Auto Pick Tool is a stainless steel automatic unlocking tool that is designed to pick and decode S-Groove Door Locks or Civil Locks. Locksmiths can learn to pick specific locks with the help of this Lishi Auto Pick Tool. It is also a perfect choice for people who want to master the skill of lockpicking.

Lishi SS002 Mainly Used for: Electric control lock, Guli S-slot civilian lock, Encounteredfire door Locks, Civil locks.

YOU'RE REVIEWING: Lishi SS002 2-in-1 Pick and Decoder Tool, Locksmith Tool for S-Groove Door Lock


  • XanderO
    18 Jun 2023
    value for money

    This tool is a time-saver. The Lishi SS002 pick and decoder tool not only picks the lock but also provides the key code for decoding purposes. It's reliable, durable, and has made my work as a locksmith much more efficient.

  • Calum
    23 May 2023
    good lishi pick tool

    I was skeptical at first, but the Lishi SS002 pick and decoder tool exceeded my expectations. The precision of this tool is unmatched, and it has helped me gain quick access to various locks. A must-have for locksmith professionals!

  • Luis V.
    15 Apr 2023
    good value

    The Lishi SS002 pick tool is a game-changer! It makes picking and decoding locks so much easier and faster. The build quality is excellent, and it has become an essential tool in my locksmithing kit.

  • Jackie Peterson
    25 Mar 2023
    good product

    I've used other lock pick tools in the past, but the Lishi lock pick tool has become my go-to choice. It's sturdy, reliable, and helps me get the job done efficiently.

  • Muzzie
    11 Feb 2023
    nice lishi tool

    The Lishi lock pick tool is fantastic for decoding locks. It provides precise information about the lock's internal components, making it easier to understand and work with.

  • simon hardy
    04 Jan 2023
    good lishi ss002 pick tool

    Lishi ssoo2 pick tool is a useful tool to pick civil locks at home. This tool is made of premium material. A good pick tool.