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Electric Lock Pick Gun with 24 Pieces Lock Pick Kit and Credit Card Lock Pick Set

$ 82.99

    Widely-Use: Electric lock pick gun set is the best value electric pick guns for locksmith to pick locks, which can be used by professional locksmiths, maintenance companies, beginners and hobbyists.
    24 Pieces Lock Pick Tools: 24 lock picks set includes 20 different locks and 4 tension tools are zipped into the black leather bag. It is portable for locksmiths to carry these tools in one bag, which allows them to select the right picks to complete the job.
    Credit Card Lock Pick Set: The lightweight credit card lock pick set with 5 most important lock picking tools to fits in your wallet or pocket to carry along.
How to Use the Electric Lock Pick Gun
Lockpicking guns can simplify the work of opening locks for you. However, these tools require practice and experimenting with different kinds of locks. The condition of the lock itself can make it challenging to pick.
You also need to learn to use it alongside the tension tool, applying the right kind of pressure to pick locks with the gun.
How to Use the Electric Lock Pick Gun
Here’s a quick guide on how to use the electric pick gun:
1. Prepare the lockpicking tool and Make sure it is fully charged. 
2. Ensure the U-clamp is attached to the swingarm. The U-clamp is where you attach the needles, such as these Brockhage needles. 
3. Push the forward/reverse button for the tool to function. 
4. Insert a tension tool into a lock.
5. Select a needle and tighten it in the U-clamp.
6. Set the swing to minimal using the adjustment screw. 
7. Insert the needle into the lock.
8. Start lock picking. 
Main Accessories in Lock Pick Set
A Tension Wrench: Also called a torque wrench, this tool is a thin piece of metal with flared ends. It is L-shaped or Z-shaped, where the diagonal line of the Z is straight. It is inserted into the plug (the part of the lock that turns) to apply tension to it.
A Hook: These generally have a hand that narrows to a thin, pointed piece of metal that curves slightly at its end. The hook manipulates the inner parts (pins) of the lock mechanism.
A Rake: These are picks with many ridges, Some of them may have a triangular point on the end or be rounded. These are scraped across the inside of the lock mechanism (pins) to disengage it.
Credit Card Lock Pick Set
Portable Credit Card Designed Case: This well-designed credit card case is compact and small size, which is easy to carry and use. Although it includes five different pick tools, it is so lightweight in your pocket.
5 Stainless Steel Lock Pick Tools: They are Small Half Diamond Pick, Short Hook Pick, Snake Rake Pick, Single Sided Pick, Flat Tension Tool. All of them are made of rugged stainless steel with smooth working conditions for repeatable practice.

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