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35 Pieces Professional Lock Pick Set with 24 Pieces Lock Picks Set, 1 Lock Pick Gun with 4 Picks, 1 Transparent Practice Padlock, 5 Pieces Credit Card Pick Set

16 reviews

$ 32.99

    All-inclusive Lockpick Set: This professional lock picking set for locksmiths contains 20 high-quality lock picks and 4 tension wrenches, 1 lock pick gun with 4 picks, 1 transparent practice padlock, 1 credit card pick set.
    24 Pieces Lock Picks Set: It includes 20 different picks and 4 tension tools are zipped into the black leather bag. It is portable for locksmiths to carry these tools in one bag, which allows them to select the right picks to complete the job.
    Safety Design Tool: The lock pick sets is made of high quality, smooth stainless steel and does not scratch your fingers. The handle is made of soft plastic and provides a comfortable grip. Transparent padlock with high purity plastic, no impurities and grainy. Lock core precision, on a hundred thousand times leveraging without loosening off, to meet your endless training needs.
    Lock Pick Gun: This lock pick gun can be used to open most of pin tumbler locks, double track car locks. A convenient tool special designed for locksmith or lock picks hobby's need.
    Portable Credit Card Pick Set: The lightweight credit card lock pick set holds the 5 most important lock picking tools at an arm's reach. It discreetly fits in your wallet or pocket, so you can carry it anywhere!
Save time, space, and money with professional lockpicking set, which allows you to carry with you the only tools to be ready for any emergency! And it is the easiest lock to master and also has lots of fun when practicing, a perfect lock for beginners to start on.
What's Included:
20 Pieces Different Picks
1 Broken Key Extractor and 3 Tension Wrenches
1 Lock Pick Gun with 4 Picks
1 Transparent Practice Padlock
5 Pieces Credit Card Lock Pick Set
1 Black Leather Bag
Features of Lock Pick Gun

Premium Stainless Steel Material

Made with high-quality stainless steel. It contains a strong spring which can unlock a jammed door as well. It will save you a lot of time without having to wait for the locksmith to arrive.

Unique Design 

You can use this lock pick tool to unlock different types of pin tumbler locks. Whether you got locked out of office or your home, Lock pick gun will come to the rescue.

Useful Lock Pick Accessories

4 Pick Blades and 1 Tension Wrench will help you a lot when you try to unlock different kinds of locks.

Transparent Practice Padlock
Know exactly what you are doing during lock picking with the transparent padlock. See clearly how the mechanism works. It gives you indications for the techniques required for lock picking.
Learn how a lock mechanism really works. See the pins rise as you work out how each is held in place. Insert your pick and see how the tension tool helps to unlock without a key! Lock picking will also help you learn patience, help to improve your fine motor control and occupy your hands.
Main Accessories of the Professional Lock Pick Set 

20 Pieces Premium Lock Picks

Unlocking tool surface of the titanium, rust proof with good durability. The unlocked tools are very light, each with about three grams.

4 Pieces Useful Tension Tools 

These 4 useful tension tools are useful in the process of lockpicking. All tools are made of rugged stainless steel with smooth working conditions for repeatable practice.

5 Pieces Credit Card Lock Pick Set

This well-designed credit card case is compact and small size, which is easy to carry and use.The portable credit card lock pick set includes 5 common pick tools for locksmiths.


YOU'RE REVIEWING: 35 Pieces Professional Lock Pick Set with 24 Pieces Lock Picks Set, 1 Lock Pick Gun with 4 Picks, 1 Transparent Practice Padlock, 5 Pieces Credit Card Pick Set


  • Colin Manning
    20 Sep 2023
    Well-designed lock picks

    I've been honing my lock picking skills for a while, and this set is a gem. The lock picks cover a wide range of needs, the lock pick gun is powerful, and the transparent practice padlock is a great tool for practice.

  • Alan Munro
    15 Sep 2023
    Easy to use

    As a lock picking hobbyist, this 35-piece set has exceeded my expectations. The lock picks are diverse, and the lock pick gun is a fun addition. The transparent practice padlock is incredibly helpful for improving my skills.

  • Karim Khan
    09 Sep 2023
    Long-lasting lock picks

    I'm impressed by the attention to detail in this lock pick set. The lock picks are top-notch, the lock pick gun is efficient, and the transparent practice padlock is a valuable tool for practicing different techniques.

  • michael rimmer
    01 Sep 2023
    Reliable lock pick set

    I've used various lock pick sets, but this 35-piece set is on another level. The lock pick gun is a game-changer, and the credit card pick set adds a unique touch. A must-have for anyone serious about lock picking.

  • keith bellamy
    22 Aug 2023
    high quality lock picks

    The 35 pieces professional lock pick set is like a locksmith's dream come true. The combination of lock picks, lock pick gun, transparent practice padlock, and credit card pick set covers all the bases.

  • Malcolm
    15 Aug 2023
    useful tools

    This professional lock pick set is a treasure trove for lock enthusiasts like me. The variety of lock picks, the lock pick gun, and the transparent practice padlock together create a comprehensive learning experience.

  • singh
    09 Aug 2023
    good product

    The 35 pieces professional lock pick set is a fantastic value for the price. The picks are durable, and the set includes everything I need to tackle different lock mechanisms. It's a reliable and comprehensive set for lock picking enthusiasts.

  • Robert Mason
    03 Aug 2023
    nice lock pick set

    I've tried other lock pick sets, but the 35 pieces professional lock pick set stands out for its quality and versatility. The picks are well-crafted, and the set comes with a variety of tension wrenches, giving me the confidence to handle any lock.

  • Yaz
    24 Jul 2023
    Long-lasting lock pick set

    I highly recommend the 35 Pieces Professional Lock Pick Set to aspiring locksmiths. The set provides a comprehensive range of tools for different lock mechanisms, and the quality is top-notch. It has greatly expanded my lockpicking capabilities.

  • Ricardo
    11 Jul 2023
    Easy to use

    This 35 pieces professional lock pick set is a comprehensive and high-quality collection of lock picking tools. It includes a wide range of picks and tension wrenches, making it suitable for various lock types. A must-have for locksmiths and enthusiasts.