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Gun Style Plug Spinner Set, Locksmith Lockpick Tools

5 reviews

$ 39.99

    The gun style plug spinner includes four spinner blades fabricated from the finest materials. It’s sleek, black and compact enough to fit in your toolkit. Simply grasp the handle and pull the lever back to activate the coil-spring-powered plug spinner.

    The gun style plug spinner is equipped with three different shapes and dimensions gun muzzles. 
    This gun has driving elasticity and rapid start can be used to reverse Pin Tumbler Locks- Cross Locks and Auto Locks freely. 
    The magnetic gun head can firmly and quickly change three gun muzzles. 
    The gun’s spring can do both observe and reserved eddy balanced.  

    Package includes:
    1 x Advanced Plug Spinner
    4 x Spinner Blades
Gun Style Plug Spinner Set, Locksmith Lockpick Tools
The lock picking plug spinner comes in handy when you need to generate enough torque to spin the plug across the shear line without dropping any pins or wafers. It’s one of the most affordable plug spinners in the locksmith supplies industry.
Heavy-duty spring and interchangeable tips allow rotation at varying strengths and speeds in either direction.
Pistol-grip provides better form factor than other pen-type plug spinners such as the A1 Spinnakur.
Tighten it as much as you want, unlike the HPC Flip-It tension tool.
Easy swapping tips make this ideal for automotive picking.

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  • Jade B.
    12 Mar 2023
    value for money

    This gun style plug spinner set is my desirable lockpicking tools. The price is cheap for me. And the tools are useful as well. 

  • Marlene
    15 Feb 2023
    good product

    I am happy to receive this lock pick set. The lock pick gun is well-made. I can hold it to pick locks at ease. Good lockpicking tools. 

  • Ayse Sari
    14 Jan 2023
    good lock pick gun

    This gun plug spinner set becomes the useful lockpicking tools in my bag. I like using it to pick locks outside.

  • Antonio
    08 Dec 2022
    good lock pick set

    This gun plug picks are made of good material. It is easy to hold as picking locks. All blades are good quality as well.

  • Johanna Stich
    18 Nov 2022
    nice lock pick gun set

    This lock plug spinner tool is my fancy lock pick tool. And the price is so cheap for me. It is convenient for me to pick locks with lock pick plug spinner tool.