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12 Pieces Mixology Bartender Kit with Bamboo Stand, Home Bar Accessories Set

  • 25.3 oz (750ML)
  • 18.6 oz (550ML)
  • 11.8 oz (350ML)

$ 39.99

    Outstanding Home Bartender Kit: This drink Shaker Set is the perfect bundle for beginners and professionals.It contains 1 Drink Shaker (Select Available Shaker Volume: 25.3 oz /750ML, 18.6 oz/550ML, 11.8 oz/350ml), 1 Double Jigger (1/2 oz - 1 oz), 4 Liquor Pourers, 1 Bar Spoon, 1 Strainer, 1 Ice Tongs, 1 Corkscrew, 1 Muddler, 1 Bamboo Stand.
    Easy To Use Bartender Kit: This premium drink shaker bartender set made of 304 stainless steel that lasts twice longer than a regular bar mixing set. It will resist rust, scratches, and dents and will not preserve the flavor of any alcohol beverage.
    Elegant Bamboo Stand: This bartending set comes with an elegant, environmentally friendly bamboo stand for storage and beautiful display.
    Best Gift Choice: The drink shaker kit has smooth mirror effect and unique bamboo stand design, is the best choice of people who like to mix drinks. It's best gift choice for festivals or business.
Barhomevip shows all accessories of 12 Pieces Mixology Bartender Kit with Bamboo Stand in the following picture:
12 Pieces Mixology Bartender Kit with Bamboo Stand Includes:
1x Drink Shaker (Select Available Shaker Volume: 25.3 oz /750ML, 18.6 oz/550ML, 11.8 oz/350ml)
1x Double Jigger (Capacity: 1/2 oz - 1 oz)
1x Corkscrew
1x Ice Tongs
1x Muddler
1x Bar Spoon
1x Strainer
4x Liquor Pourers
1x Bamboo Stand
Details of Each Bar Accessory in 12 Pieces Mixology Bartender Kit with Bamboo Stand

Drink Shaker

Double Sided Jigger (1/2 oz - 1 oz)

Bar Spoon



Ice Tongs

4x Liquor Pourers


Bamboo Stand

If you are amateur bartenders or just drinks lovers, you may have no idea about each accessory of the whole bartender kit. We just classify the fuctions of basic accessories of the whole bar tool kit.


Usually used to mash a variety of accessories, fresh fruit to mixed in a drinks, or mash other foods.


Prevent the ice cube from slipping out of the cup, to create a smooth and delicious drink.

Large Drink Shaker

Large Capacity Drink Shaker, made of high-quality stainless steel, durable.

Ice Tongs

Convenient to pick up ice, various food such as: bread, salad, sugar and so on.

Double Jigger

Measure your ingredients pre-pour precisely.


Streamline the flow of liquid from the bottle.


Uncork bottles with a two-step lever easily .

Mixing Spoon

Mix and emulsify your concoctions.

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