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Bar Strainer

Whether holding back ice or keeping errant herbs or fruit from a drink, bartenders rely on strainers to keep cocktails pristine and smooth.
While a strainer seems like a utilitarian tool—not quite as iconic as a cocktail shaker—it’s an important workhorse, to the point where many bar pros have favorites. Some even take pains to optimize their strainers, such as adding an extra coil for a more snug fit in a mixing glass or shaker.
We offer classic bar strainers or wire strainers such as the No Prong Strainer, the 2 Prong Strainer or the 4 Prong Strainer, Many are available in a variety of color options or just classic stainless steel. We also offer specialty master mixology strainers. No matter what your bartending style or technique is, you are sure to find one that’s a right fit for you! All of our cocktail, julep, and Hawthorne strainers are made of high quality materials and sure to last for many years to come.